32 (number)

32 (thirty-two) is the natural number following 31 and preceding 33.

In mathematics

32 is the smallest number n with exactly 7 solutions to the equation φ(x) = n. It is also the sum of the totient function for the first ten integers.

The fifth power of two, 32 is also a Leyland number since 24 + 42 = 32.

As with every power of two, 32 has an aliquot sum one less than itself: the prime 31. 32 is the first member of the 31-aliquot tree.

32 is the ninth Happy number


In science


In music

In religion

In the Kabbalah, there are 32 Kabbalistic Paths of Wisdom.

In sports

The winning car number of Ray Harroun in the inaugural Indianapolis 500 in 1911.

In chess, the total number of black squares on the board, the total number of white squares, and the total number of pieces (black and white) at the beginning of the game.

The jersey number 32 has been retired for the following players: the Los Angeles Lakers' Magic Johnson, the Utah Jazz's Karl Malone, the Portland Trail Blazers' Bill Walton, the Philadelphia 76er' Billy Cunningham, the Boston Celtics' Kevin McHale, baseball pitchers Sandy Koufax and Steve Carlton, Cleveland Browns' running back Jim Brown, and Manchester United football player Carlos Tevez.

Also the jersey number for Shaquille O'Neal while at the Miami Heat, and also now at the Phoenix Suns. It was also his jersey number while he was with the Orlando Magic.

And the jersey number for Richard Hamiliton, who played for the Detroit Pistons.

Josh Hamilton of the MLB team the Texas Rangers also wears number 32.

In other fields

Thirty-two could also refer to:

  • The number of teeth of a full set of teeth in an adult human, including wisdom teeth
  • The size of a databus in bits: 32-bit
  • The size, in bits, of certain integer data types, used in computer representations of numbers
  • IPv4 uses 32-bit (4-byte) addresses
  • ASCII and Unicode code point for space
  • The code for international direct dial phone calls to Belgium
  • The temperature at which water freezes in Fahrenheit.
  • In the title Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould, starring Colm Feore
  • Article 32 of the UCMJ concerns pre-trial investigations. Such a hearing is often called an "article 32 hearing"
  • Sometimes considered to be the occult opposite of number 23 (see 23 (numerology))
  • The (supposed) age of Jesus Christ when he was crucified
  • One of the Nissan Skyline versions
  • Pump water up an open tube and it can be raised to 32 feet - at that point cohesion is lost and the water column will break or cavitate. Pumping may not be necessary under the sole action of capillary action
  • The number of national teams that have participated in each FIFA World Cup finals tournament since 1998.
  • An association (soccer) football is made up with 32 panels of leather.
  • The caliber .32 ACP
  • A snowboard boots brand (
  • The number of pages in the average comic book (not including the cover)
  • The number of the French department Gers

Historical years

32 AD, 32 B.C., 1932, 2032, etc.


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