List of characters in Casper's Scare School

These are a list of characters in the computer film Casper's Scare School.

Main Characters



Ra is a mummy who has unrambling issues. He is a lier to the female skulls.


Mantha is a smart zombie who wants to prove everyone that zombies are scary too. One of her body parts like her eye, arm and legs can usually be taken off or pulled apart from her body.


Fatso, Stinky and Stretch

Their bio will be revealed in Casper's bio.

Major Characters

Alder and Dash

Two-headed headmaster(s) who want world domination. Alder liked quarter behind the ear trick and Dash liked music. Alder can be seen with a fez and Dash can be seen with a long straight forehead. Their names are a pun on Boulderdash.


Thatch is the school bully at scare school who is a vampire. He says he is seem to be popular, but a jerk instead. Thatch's henchmen are 2 skeleton twins until the end of the film.

Dr. Thirddegree Burns

Casper's dragon Science teacher who thinks sweat is "scare juice". His name is a play on words for "Third-degree burns" which are caused by fire or intense heat, which he is able to breathe at will.

History Teacher

A teacher who can be only seen in a Crystal Ball with her head floating together with a small table. She greatly resembles Madam Leota of Haunted Mansion fame.

Frankengymteacher "Coach"

The Frankenstien monster who is a gym teacher. His lightbulbs glow red by anger.

Other Characters

2 Skeleton Twins

2 twins who are skeletons. They are Thatch's henchmen until in the end of the film. The make-up on the twins faces resembles mexican Day Of The Dead skulls.


A background character who got detention for messing with the teacher's door. He is a fly that talks and tells funny things to people. His name is mentioned by Ra. Flyboy is only mentioned once and after that, he never spoke or mentioned again.

Bell and Murray "The Ancle"

Alder and Dash's aunt/uncle (ancle). Murray likes playing magic tricks and Bell loves singing. They look a lot like Alder and Dash except their clothes. Bell and Murray are voiced by Captain and Tennille who looks and sounds like them.

Banana Lady

A background character who is only seen saying the words "banana-cheese".

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