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Voltron: The Third Dimension

Voltron: The Third Dimension was a computer-generated series was released in 1998 (set five years after the end of the original Lion Voltron series) to a mixed response, because of its departure from the original Lion Voltron's anime look, as well as some character changes (such as the physical appearance of Prince Lotor, now voiced by Tim Curry, taking over the role originally voiced by Lennie Weinrib). It served as a sequel to the Lion Voltron series, and among the tools used to bridge the gap was an official starmap as designed by Shannon Muir, and finalized in partnership with World Events Productions. The show was animated by Mike Young Productions.

The show won a 1999 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Sound Editing - Special Class Rick Hinson (supervising sound editor),Elizabeth Hinson.


Set three years after the original Voltron series , Prince Lotor’s was defeated by the Voltron Force. In the final battle, an explosion destroyed Lotor’s Battle ship. Lotor's body was heavily damaged in the wreckage. Alliance doctors healed and repaired Lotor using bionic parts.

When he was recovered, the galaxy’s alliances highest court found Lotor guilty of war crimes. He was sentenced to life in solitary confinement, maximum security. The judges said they would reduce his sentence if Lotor would reveal the location of his secret fortress which he had hidden in his final battle with Voltron.



Season One

  1. Escape from Bastille-12 (1)
  2. Red Lion Breaks Loose! (2)
  3. Building the Forces of Doom (3)
  4. Lost Souls
  5. A Rift in the Force
  6. Shades of Gray
  7. Bride of the Monster
  8. Dominus
  9. Voltron vs. Dracotron
  10. Descent into Madness
  11. Pidge Gets Iced
  12. Dark Heart
  13. The Big Lie
  14. The Trial of Voltron
  15. The Troika Moons
  16. Biography: The Voltron Force
  17. Queen Ariella (1)

Season Two

  1. The Voltron Force Strikes Back (2)
  2. Stealth Voltron (3)
  3. Gladiators
  4. Dominus Goes Home
  5. The Hunter
  6. Consider the Alternatives
  7. Mind Games
  8. Raid on Galaxy Garrison
  9. Castle Doom Dead Ahead


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