Thickskin is the fourth full-length studio album released by Skid Row, and first to feature Sebastian Bach replacement Johnny Solinger and both first and last to feature drummer Phil Varone. The album was panned by both fans and critics. This was largely due to the absence of original vocalist Sebastian Bach. "Ghost" was made a music video and filmed in Miami, Florida.

Track listing

  1. New Generation (Rachel Bolan, Dave Sabo)
  2. Ghost (Bolan, Johnson, Sabo)
  3. Swallow Me (The Real You) (Bolan, Sabo)
  4. Born a Beggar (Bolan, Scotti Hill , McCabe, Sabo)
  5. Thick Is the Skin (Bolan, Sabo)
  6. See You Around (Bolan, Johnson, Sabo)
  7. Mouth of Voodoo (Bolan, Sabo, Johnny Solinger)
  8. One Light (Bolan, Sabo)
  9. I Remember You Two (Bolan, Sabo)
  10. Lamb (Bolan, Sabo)
  11. Down from Underground (Bolan, Johnson, Sabo)
  12. Hittin' a Wall (Bolan, Hill, Sabo)


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