Therma, ancient Greece: see Thessaloníki.
Therma (Therme) (Θέρμα,Θέρμη ) was a Greek city founded by Eretrians or Corinthians in late 7th century BC in ancient Mygdonia (which was later incorporated into Macedon), situated at the northeastern extremity of a great gulf of the Aegean Sea, the Thermaic Gulf. Therma was later renamed Thessalonica by Cassander.


  • Herodotus, the Seventh, Eighth, & Ninth Books, with Introduction Reginald Walter Macan
  • The Letters to the Thessalonians by Gene L. Green
  • From Mycenae to Constantinople: The Evolution of the Ancient City By Richard Allan Tomlinson
  • Hidryma Meletōn Chersonēsou tou Haimou (Thessalonikē, Greece)

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