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Fred's Head

Fred's Head is a European/Canadian animated series made by Spectra Animation featuring Fred, a sixteen year old teenager and his not-so-normal life.


"Fred's Head" takes us in the whirlwind life of a teenager with serious reservations about the adult world. In the courses of his adventures, a multitude of eccentric characters pull him in all directions in search of his identity: among them, a psychotic psychologist, an extremely odd best friend, an exotic lady immune to his charms, fashion trends devotees, and a horror film aficionado.

This program is rated PG AND 14 due to some crude humor, rare bad language and adult references.


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Quote of the episode

At the end of every episode, Fred and/or other characters will say a quote in relation with the episode.

Here are the Quotes Fred Leblanc uses at the end of the episodes:

  • 01. What makes one person sad makes a shrink quite happy. (Ep: Life Through Rose Colored Glasses)
  • 02. Accidents aren’t pretty, but it seems we all want to look. (Ep: Move on, there's nothing to see!)
  • 03. Sometimes a smile is just a frown upside down. (Ep: Joy Incarnate)
  • 04. Seniors would be cool, if they weren’t so old. (Ep: Dear Madam Butterfly)
  • 05. Hard work keeps you healthy, but getting up early makes me sick. (Ep: Business is Business)
  • 06. The Highway of life is a straight line, with a bit of a twist. (Ep: Life is a Highway)
  • 07. In my experience you can't always measure someone's courage by the size of the nuts they got. (Ep: Rodent Terror)
  • 08. Even the most absorbent paper towels can't wipe up the spills of the heart. (Ep: Spills of the Heart)
  • 09. Love is like hair after a ride on a rollercoaster: Difficult to untangle. (Ep: One Red Hair Away From Love)
  • 10. Friendship is like your room. Sometimes it gets messy! (Ep: A Moldy Friendship)
  • 11. Sometimes, an ex is like a horror story. (Ep: Madness at the Lake)
  • 12. Christmas: It's hard to give it up cold turkey. (Ep: A Christmas Carol)
  • 13. If you're looking for true beauty, then I would suggest you follow your nose. (Ep: Pretty in Your Skin)
  • 14. Even when T.V has nothing to say, it makes a point of telling us. (Ep: Fred Tv)
  • 15. Ghost stories are just like candy: you gotta be careful how much you swallow. (Ep: So Long Worrynaut)
  • 16. Love, is like a pimple: without warning, it blows up in your face. (Ep: Love Shakes)
  • 17. Always be polite to strangers. They might end up being your in-laws. (Ep: Half-Fried Herrings)
  • 18. I think, therefore I am. But I am not always what I think! (Ep: The Benji Method)
  • 19. Moldy: Something that's extremely lame. As in "A very moldy week!". (Ep: The Analgesic of Apocalypse)
  • 20. It's hard to get better, when you ex-girlfriend shows up like a hair in the ointment. (Ep: Within a Hair's Breath of Happiness)
  • 21. Friendship is like a sauasage: the older it gets, the stronger it is! (Ep: The Make-Up Sausage)
  • 22. They say you have to roll with the punches. Moldy expression. (Ep: Fred's Roller Blading Daze)
  • 23. It's great to be able to do what you want, as long as it's not an obligation. (Ep: Like Rats)
  • 24. Every good teen should shake things up on the home front now and then. (Ep: Minor Runaway)
  • 25. Seens like when we are in love, we could live on love and fresh water alone. In my case, at the moment, more like a cold shower. (Ep: Blow out sale)
  • 26. So, what words of wisdom can I tell you today? ... What would you say to: "don't talk with your mouth full"? (Ep: Surprise Sixteen)


Voice Director: Rick Jones


Actra Montreal Awards

  • (2008) Rick Jones (voice of Gregory-Gilbert Pyrowski) Winner of Outstanding Voice Performance

Gala des prix Gémeaux (Quebec's Geminy/Emmy Awards - Canada)

  • (2008) : Winner of "Best animated series".


Actra Montreal Awards

  • (2008) Mathew Mackay (voice of Fred Leblanc) nominated for Outstanding Voice Performance
  • (2008) Holly Gauthier-Frankel (voice of Penelope Truehart) nominated for Outstanding Voice Performance

Gala des prix Gémeaux (Quebec's Geminy/Emmy Awards - Canada)

International Animation Festival in Annecy (France)

  • (2008) : Official selection - Best TV series

Cartoon on the bay : Pulcinella Awards (Italy)

  • (2008) : Official selection - "TV series for all ages"

The website

The official Fred's Head website is designed like Fred's brain. The main page is the control center, where one can move the eyes, see all his highscores, reach a specific section of the brain and finally, can pull something...

The brain is separate in five other sections, that are also divided from 1 to 3 sections. All these areas are flled up with things to click on, creating different effects.

The Ego section is separate between the feminine ego (represented by Penelope) and the masculine ego (represented by Benji). The two pages are two games: Male Basketball and Jump in the Fizz (explained lower).

The Opinion section (represented by Fabienne) opened not so long ago. The first section gives you the possibility of creating a character. The second section is filled with wallpapers and other stuff for your computer. The last section is Fabienne telling famous quotes of the series to Anette, and you have to choose the right character who said it. Per example, the answer is Penelope for the quote "You should always see a guy in bathing suit before you decide to go out with him".

The Grey Matter section is represented by Fred's mother. It contains three other sections: First, the De-Evolutor, a game explained lower. Then, an orientation test to see where one would go when getting a job. Last, a kitchen where Boon Mee and Madame Butterfly are, and in which you can either see the different quotes Fred said in previous episodes or picking up a fortune cookie that gives funny comments (i.e. Void if Open.)

The Memory section is represented by Madame Butterfly. In the memory section, there is the living room, where one can see small videos from the episodes, look at photos of Fred and his family, see the resume of past episodes and read the description of all students of St-Judes High School. There is also the map of the website.

Finally, the Subconscious part of Fred's brain is represented by GG. When one enters, he is welcomes by the school's psychologist, Anemone Worrynaut, and can pass a test to see if he is "blasé". By clicking on the dream machine, he can also access two dreams, a good dream and a nightmare. The good dream is the game "Play with your body", explained lower. The nightmare is "Buck Naked in St-Judes".


Five computer games could be found on Fred's Head website.

Play with your Body Changing the posture of Fred, the goal of the game is to re-create the same posture as Anette. After five postures, a note out of 100 is given to the player.

De-Evolutor This game can also be played with the webcam. Fred must de-evolute falling UFOs. A very strange game.

Buck Naked in St-Judes Uh oh! For an unexplained reason, Fred is now naked... right in the center of St-Judes! He must catch all his clothes to end a level, but must avoid people's looks at his... organ by hiding himself. The censure is brilliant. Is this a possible plot for an upcoming episode?

Male Basketball Still in trouble, Fred has to make many good basket points or he will get entirely shaved... even the hidden parts of the body...

Jump in the Fizz Penelope partcipates to a contest. She jumps off a plane and must catch all pink clothes to win! Don't worry, she has a parachute...


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