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T. S. Monk


T.S. Monk (Born December 27, 1949 as Thelonious Sphere Monk, Jr.) is a jazz drummer, composer and band leader.

He began his music career early in his life, honing his skills throughout the '70s. By the dawning of the '80s, he had formed his eponymous band, which featured him on lead vocals and drums. The group's début album, 1980's House of Music featured several hits that placed on the R&B chart, including "Bon Bon Vie (Gimme the Good Life)" and "Candidate for Love." The band went on to release two more albums throughout the early '80s, though singles released from these albums did not fare as well as those on the début. The band broke up shortly thereafter.

By the 1990s, Monk was ready to begin his solo career, in which he has taken a decidedly more jazz-oriented direction.

He is the son of Thelonious Monk.


T.S. Monk (band)

T.S. Monk (solo artist)

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