Theiler, Max, 1899-1972, South African-American research physician, b. Pretoria, educated at the Univ. of Cape Town, St. Thomas's Hospital (London), and the London School of Tropical Medicine. Theiler's research on yellow fever, begun while he was connected with the department of tropical medicine of Harvard Medical School (1922-30), was continued at the Rockefeller Foundation, of which he became a staff member in 1930. He became known for his researches on yellow fever, encephalomyelitis, and other viruses associated with the tropics. For his work in developing a vaccine for yellow fever he was awarded the 1951 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
Theiler is a tiny lunar Impact crater on the eastern lunar limb, in the western Mare Marginis. To the southeast is the prominent Neper crater. Due to its location, Theiler crater is subject to the libration of the Moon and is not always visible to observers on the Earth. It is a circular, bowl-shaped formation of no particular significance. To the south-southeast is the Neper walled-plain.

Note: The official IAU selenographic coordinates place this crater at 83.3° E. However its visual location on lunar photographic atlases is actually closer to 82.3° E. The reason for this minor discrepancy is unclear.


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