theca folliculi

Theca of follicle

The theca folliculi comprise a layer of the ovarian follicles. They appear as the follicles become tertiary follicles.

The theca are divided into two layers, the theca interna and the theca externa.

Theca interna

Theca interna cells express receptors for luteinizing hormone, which when activated will stimulate the production of androstenedione from cholesterol by the enzyme desmolase. Androstenedione ultimately gives the granulosa the precursor for estrogen manufacturing.

After rupture of the mature ovarian follicle, the theca interna cells differentiate into the theca lutein cell of the corpus luteum. These cells secrete progesterone.

Theca externa

The theca externa is the outer layers of the theca folliculi. It contains contain abundant collagen and is mainly supportive.

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