Theatrical production

Theatrical production

A theatrical production is any theatre stage play, musical, comedy or drama produced from a written book or script. These productions generally feature actors, costumes and sets. The history of the theatrical production goes back to ancient Greece.

Theatrical productions vary in many ways. They can be anything from high school as well as college productions, community theater productions to summer stock and regional theater productions all the way to Broadway and Kings Road productions. Today's contemporary theatres produce a variety of plays and musicals that attract very different audiences.

In full theatrical productions there are a great deal of people working towards many types of shows. A Producer acquires financing, hires staff and over sees everything from the beginning to the end of each show. Theatrical staff is separated by department, which varies from theatre to theater and production to production depending on needs.

The production will employ front of house and back of house staff. In addition to performers, stage hands, Stage managers, Lighting and Sound technicians many theatre will hire ushers, concessions workers, janitorial and security in mounting a theatrical production.

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