the floating cloud

The Floating Admiral

The Floating Admiral is a collaborative detective novel written by members of the Detection Club in 1931. The contributors included G. K. Chesterton, Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, Ronald Knox and Freeman Wills Crofts.

As Sayers explained in the introduction to the book, "Each writer must construct his instalment with a definite solution in view—that is, he must not introduce new complications merely 'to make it more difficult' ... [E]ach writer was bound to deal faithfully with all the difficulties left for his consideration by his predecessors."

Literary significance and criticism

"These members of the (London) Detection Club collaborate with skill in a piece of detection rather more tight-knit than one had a right to expect. There is enough to amuse and to stimulate detection; and the Introduction by Dorothy Sayers and supplements by critics and solvers give an insight into the writers' thoughts and modes of work."


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