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The Dreaming (song)

"The Dreaming" is the title song from Kate Bush's fourth studio album The Dreaming and was released a single on 26 July 1982. Bush hadn't released a single since "Sat in Your Lap" thirteen months earlier. "The Dreaming" made it to #48 on the UK Singles Chart.

The song is about the destruction of Aboriginal homelands by white Australians in their quest for weapons-grade uranium. Musical guest Rolf Harris plays the didgeridoo on the recording. The original title for the track was "The Abo Song", which unwittingly made use of a racial slur; promotional 12" copies were circulated before being recalled.

An alternate version of "The Dreaming", entitled "Dreamtime", was released by EMI as a single in Canada only. This version, also used as the UK single b-side, is usually referred to as an instrumental version of the "the Dreaming". This is not strictly true in that while the track omits the all the sung lead vocal lyrics it still retains most of the backing vocals such as the stretched dreamtime harmonies heard during the chorus. It is also of note that "Dreamtime" contains both an extended intro and outro. It starts with approx 4 bars of double tracked didgeridoo drone before the original arrangement comes in and finishes with approx 30 seconds of the same following a breakdown of the original arrangement.


Chart (1982) Peak
UK Singles Chart 48
Australian Singles Chart 91


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