the doldrums

The Doldrums (Haunted Graffiti 2; Reissue)

The Doldrums is the second album from Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti series, re-issued in 2004 by Paw Tracks.

Track listing

  1. "good kids make bad grown ups"
  2. "strange fires"
  3. "among dreams"
  4. "for kate i wait"
  5. "haunted graffiti"
  6. "gray sunset"
  7. "the doldrums"
  8. "envelopes another day"
  9. "the ballad of bobby pyn"
  10. "don't think twice (love)"
  11. "until the night dies"
  12. "crying"
  13. "theme from unreleased 'claris gardens'"
  14. "let's build a campfire there"
  15. "young pilot astray"

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