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the bright light

Out of the Half-Light

Law & Order
Out of the Half-Light
Episode No. 11
Airdate December 11, 1990
Writer(s) Michael Duggan
Director E.W. Swackhamer
Season 1
September 1990 - June 1991
001. Prescription for Death
002. Subterranean Homeboy Blues
003. The Reaper's Helper
004. Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die
005. Happily Ever After
006. Everybody's Favorite Bagman
007. By Hooker, By Crook
008. Poison Ivy
009. Indifference
010. Prisoner of Love
011. Out of the Half-Light
012. Life Choice
013. A Death in the Family
014. The Violence of Summer
015. The Torrents of Greed -- Part 1
016. The Torrents of Greed -- Part 2
017. Mushrooms
018. The Secret Sharers
019. The Serpent's Tooth
020. The Troubles
021. Sonata For a Solo Organ
022. The Blue Wall

"Out of the Half-Light" is the eleventh episode of NBC's legal drama Law & Order. It originally aired on 11 December 1990.



Dann Florek Capt. Don Cragen
George Dzundza Sgt. Max Greevey
Chris Noth Det. Mike Logan

District Attorney's Office

Steven Hill Adam Schiff
Michael Moriarty Ben Stone
Richard Brooks Paul Robinette


A 16-year-old African-American girl claims that two white policemen raped her. Greevey and Logan's investigation causes difficulty for the accuser, while Stone and Robinette discover the truth about the young girl's allegations, which proves difficult when an African-American Congressman puts the spin machine in full overdrive, using the girl's allegations to discredit white policemen and turn her into a martyr.

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