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The Alice Cooper Show

The Alice Cooper Show is a live album by Alice Cooper, released by Warner Bros. in December 1977.

It was recorded in Las Vegas at the Aladdin Hotel during Alice Cooper's 1977 "King Of The Silver Screen" US summer tour. The home video Alice Cooper and Friends featured live footage from that same tour.

Track listing

  1. "Under My Wheels" (Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Bob Ezrin) – 2:35
  2. "I'm Eighteen" (Alice Cooper, Glen Buxton, Bruce, Dunaway, Neal Smith) – 5:00
  3. "Only Women Bleed" (Cooper, Wagner) – 5:57
  4. "Sick Things" (Cooper, Bruce, Wagner) – 0:59
  5. "Is It My Body" (Cooper, Buxton, Dunaway, Bruce, Smith) – 2:36
  6. "I Never Cry" (Cooper, Wagner) – 2:46
  7. "Billion Dollar Babies" (Cooper, Bruce, Smith) – 3:18
  8. "Devil's Food"/"The Black Widow" (Cooper, Dick Wagner, Bob Ezrin, Vincent Price, Kelly Jay) – 5:52
  9. "You and Me" (Cooper, Wagner) – 2:25
  10. "I Love the Dead"/"Go to Hell"/"Wish You Were Here" (Cooper, Wagner, Ezrin) – 6:38
  11. "School's Out" (Cooper, Buxton, Bruce, Dunaway, Smith) – 2:39


Album - Billboard (North America)
Year Chart Position
1978 Pop Albums 131

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