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Love of the Aegean Sea

Love of the Aegean Sea (情定爱琴海) is a romantic Taiwanese drama starring Alec Su, Peter Ho, and Park Chae-rim.


The drama opens with fascinating scenery in Greece, the destination Guan Xiaotong (Chae Rim) and the travel mate she found herself over the Internet, Li Yaoxiang (Peter Ho), are heading to. Arguing with Li time after time in the trip, Guan packs up to return home out of spite. She then meets Lu Enqi (Su You-peng), who has been upset with his mother's matchmaking. The two decide to head for the Greek island of Santorini and begin to fall for each other. Their love story, however, does not develop into what they expected, and they begin to fall into the love entanglement with Li.


The names used in the Philippines are given in parentheses.

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