thats how the cookie crumbles

As the Cookie Crumbles

As the Cookie Crumbles is a web-based soap opera produced by Kraft Canada which debuted on September 18, 2008. It will air weekly for eight consecutive episodes through November 6, 2008.

A promotional vehicle for Kraft’s brand Peek Freans Lifestyle Selections, a line of cookies with positive health benefits, the branded content series features love, hate, mystery and heartbreak storylines centered around the Casa di Tea, an oceanside teahouse in fictional Glamora County. According to Peek Freans, the company looked at "consumers' love for soap operas" and gave As the Cookie Crumbles "all the stereotypical elements you'd expect to find in a soap opera." The series is distributed on a variety of platforms including DailyMotion, Revver, Blip, Funny or Die, and iTunes.


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