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Behind the Music that Sucks

Behind the Music that Sucks is an ongoing series of comic pieces produced by, and appearing on,, a broadband entertainment website. The segments feature humorous jabs at pop stars and celebrities. The shorts run approximately three minutes each and employ cutout animation based largely on celebrity photographs and stock images.

Conceived as a parody of VH1's popular biography show Behind the Music, Behind the Music that Sucks was created by Dave Carson, a composer, and Simon Assaad, a filmmaker, in 1998. After the series became popular on other sites, the pair founded in 1999, where Behind the Music that Sucks became the flagship series. In 2005, production resumed after a three-year hiatus. In spite of that period of inactivity, the original run of Behind the Music that Sucks never left syndication, remaining available on, as well as Comcast digital cable's ON DEMAND service and many other websites.

Behind the Music that Sucks, having managed to outlive the show it was based on, continues to be one of the site's most well-known properties.


The following is a list of acts, many of whom were also featured on the original VH1 program, that have been lampooned during the series' run.

From 1998-2002:

From 2005-present:

Occasionally, non-musical entities have been sent up by the series, as well. These include the iPod, MySpace, "The OC" and the first child of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.

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