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Terra Firma Capital Partners

Terra Firma Capital Partners (TFCP) is a European private equity firm with offices in London and Frankfurt employing over 100 people. It was formed as a spin-off company from Nomura Group's Principal Finance Group in 2002 by Guy Hands and has invested €11 billion since 1994.

TFCP has invested across a range of sectors, and has focused on buyouts of large, asset-rich businesses, often with complex structural or regulatory issues, which are under-performing and in need of strategic, operational or management change. Early investments focussed on housing (Annington Homes), leasing companies and pubs. Since 2002, TFCP has made major investments in the waste management (Waste Recycling Group), energy (BGCL, East Surrey Holdings, Phoenix Natural Gas, and Infinis), aircraft leasing (AWAS), cinema (ODEON/UCI) and music sectors (EMI). TFCP has also made significant investments in German residential housing (DAIG) and motorway services (Tank & Rast). Between 1994 and 2007, TFCP invested approximately €11bn in equity and completed transactions with an aggregate enterprise value of €42bn.

TFCP was the first large private equity firm based in the UK to comply with the Walker Guidelines on transparency and disclosure. In April 2008, it published its first ever , which exceeded reporting the Walker reporting requirements and for voluntary private equity reporting in the UK.

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