Tempting Heart

Tempting Heart (心動)is a 1999 movie, directed by Sylvia Chang. It stars onscreen-lovers Takeshi Kaneshiro (Ho-jun) and Gigi Leung (Xiao rou).

The film gained popularity worldwide not long after its release.

This film has a notable theme song Xin Dong (the Chinese translation of '"Tempting Heart") sung by Shino Lin Xiao Pei. This song became a hit and Shino rose to fame. It is still popular these days and can be frequently heard on the radio or sang in karaoke bars/boxes.

The success of this film prompted director Johnnie To to star Gigi Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro together again in the comic-turned-movie Turn Left Turn Right. This movie is adapted from the manga bestseller - A Chance of Sunshine by Jimmy Liao or more popularly known as Ji-Mi.


Sylvia Chang plays a director who intends to make a romance film and begins to wonder about the role fate plays in relationships. She ends up re-examining her own first love in a completely different light. The story is set in two different periods of time, one in the 1970s where Gigi plays the teenage girl of Sylvia Chang and the other in the 1990s where Sylvia plays her own role.

Takeshi Kaneshiro plays the role of a shy teenager who falls in love with Gigi Leung. Their relationship turns intimate but faces objections from their parents. Karen Mok plays Chen-li, the best friend of Gigi, whom Gigi confides in and tells all her problems.

This teenage love soon fizzled and Ho-jun turns to marry Chen-li. Chen-li then reveals that she is a homosexual and they both love the same girl-Xiao rou. Ho-jun meets Xiao rou on a trip to Japan and upon knowing that Ho-jun was already married, Xiao rou returned home and got engaged herself. Ho jun manages a last attempt to reunite with Xiao rou by flying to Hong Kong and telling her that he is already a divorcee but to no avail.

It was years later, that Xiao Rou found out that Ho-jun's wife was actually Chen-li. She discovered this only after Chen-li had died. Chen-li left a message for Xiao-rou asking her for forgiveness. As Xiao rou prepared to fly back to Hong Kong from Japan, she received a present from Ho-jun. Inside the box,were photographs, each taken while Ho-jun was thinking about Xiao-rou of their brief and bright moments of happiness.

It is only at the end of the show where it is revealed tactfully that the director, played by Sylvia Chang was actually talking about her own teenage romance.


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