Telephone Conversation

Telephone Conversation

Telephone Conversation is the fifth track on the 1968 album We're Only in It for the Money by Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention. It is also a poem by Wole Soyinka that deals with racism and discrimination in the United Kingdom

Song Structure

"Telephone Conversation" is a 48 second long piece involving exactly what the title suggests, a telephone conversation. Fictional groupie Suzy Creamcheese talks to her friend who warns her about her father. The piece serves no purpose other than to change the pace of the album after the sombre "Mom and Dad", and to introduce the next song "Bow Tie Daddy". Although the recording certainly has no significance or influential factors, many Hip-Hop artists have included telephone calls and answering machine messages as skits on their albums, therefore making "Telephone Conversation" the first track on a popular music album to do so.

Poem Structure

The poem is dividied into two stanzas and is about a black man trying to rent an apartment from a white woman. The white woman is decidedly racist and is protrayed as magnificently ignorant and uninformed.

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