VeriFone is a company that makes point-of-sale equipment. They were founded and incorporated in Hawaii in 1981, and named themselves after their first product, the name standing for Verification telephone.

VeriFone, Inc. is a well-known brand in electronic payment solutions. Their principal product lines have included point of sale, merchant-operated, consumer-facing and self-service payment systems for multiple industries, notably financial, retail, hospitality, petroleum, government and healthcare markets.

VeriFone has sold numerous point-of-sale credit card reading products, including the Tranz 330 which was introduced in 1985. The company's most popular current products include the Omni 3700 Family, featuring the Omni 3730LE, Omni 3730, Omni 3740 and Omni 3750. In 2005, VeriFone introduced its newest line of products, Verix Solutions. These include the Vx510 and Vx570, which are countertop solutions offering dial-up or Ethernet access, and the Vx610 and Vx670 which are portable, include batteries, and an integrated wireless communications module. The Vx610 is offered in GPRS, CDMA, and WiFi wireless configurations, and is considered a 'countertop mobile' product. The Vx670 is a true portable or 'handover' version available with GPRS, WiFi, and as of November 2007, Bluetooth-integrated communications modules. The Vx670, in particular, is a strong deterrent against the theft of credit information because it the customer is no longer required to relinquish possession of his or her credit card, instead transacting directly with the Vx670 in a 'pay at table' sense.

In 2005 VeriFone released its first full color EFTPOS terminal, the Mx870. The Mx870 is capable of full screen video and is used to build applications by VeriFone customers. The Mx870 is the first in the MX800 series of Visual Payment Terminals. All of these terminals run Embedded Linux and use FST FancyPants for their GUI platform.

On November 1, 2006 VeriFone completed its acquisition of Israeli company Lipman, and added NURIT solutions to its growing portfolio.

VeriFone is based in San Jose, California and has offices in the United States, UK, Philippines, India and Singapore. It has R&D centers in the US and India. The President and CEO is Douglas G. Bergeron.

Programming languages

  • The ZON and Tranz series are programmed in a proprietary alphabetic scripting language called TCL, or Terminal Control Language. This language has no relationship to the similarly-named UNIX-related language tcl. These terminals used variants of the Z80 8-bit processor.
  • Most of the Omni series is programmed either using a system called TXO (an interpreted version of 'C'), or for newer models, Verix. These platforms are based around the C programming language, and use either Z80 variants, or Motorola 68000.
  • The newest Verix V terminals (with names beginning with Vx) are essentially remakes of the newer Omni series, but with ARM processors instead of Motorola. Verix V is spoken "Verix Vee", not "Verix five".


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