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Super-Villain Team-Up

Super-Villain Team-Up is the name of two American comic book series published by Marvel Comics. Both series featured supervillains as the protagonists.

Super-Villain Team-Up

The first series started in 1975 with two giant-size issues before starting as a regular series and was mostly bi-monthly during its existence. It teamed up Dr. Doom and Sub-Mariner who had lost his own series from which it picked up the unresolved plots, especially that of the comatose Atlanteans. After a continual succession of writers and artists and a crossover with the Avengers, the plot gets resolved in issue #13 when Dr. Doom revives the Atlanteans thus dissolving his alliance with Sub-Mariner. The Sub-Mariner plot continued in The Defenders after which the character became an infrequent guest-star in the Marvel Universe. Issue #14 (Oct. 1977) featured Magneto and Dr. Doom, #15 (Nov. 1978) was a reprint of Astonishing Tales #4-5 and #16-17 (May 1979, June 1980) featured the Red Skull and the Hate-Monger.

The series saw the death of 1940s Sub-mariner sweetheart Betty Dean and the gruesome death of her murderer, Dr. Dorcas. Steve Englehart created the Shroud, a Batman-inspired character, shortly before he started to work for DC and Batman.

The series has been collected in an Essential Marvel volume.

MODOK's 11

This 2007 mini-series features eleven super-villains in the manner of the movie Ocean's Eleven.

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