Profession of those who give instruction, especially in an elementary or secondary school or a university. The teaching profession is a relatively new one. Traditionally, parents, elders, religious leaders, and sages were responsible for teaching children how to behave and think and what to believe. Germany introduced the first formal criteria for the education of teachers in the 18th century. In the 19th century, as society became more industrialized, the concept of schooling became more universal. In industrialized nations today, most teachers are university graduates. Teacher-training programs usually include both general and specialized academic, cultural, or vocational courses; the study of educational principles; and a series of professional courses combined with practical experience in a typical school setting. Most countries also require professional certification following formal training. Seealso National Education Association.

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The Teaching-Family Model is a model of care for troubled youth utilized internationally in Group Homes, Treatment Foster Care, Schools, Home-Based Treatment, and other youth and dependent adult care programs. It was developed in the 1960's through research at the University of Kansas. Researchers included Montrose Wolf, PhD (the inventor of time-out as a learning tool to shape behavior) and Gary Timbers, PhD.

This model of care is based on an "organized approach to providing humane, effective, and individualized services that are satisfactory to clients and consumers. It is cost effective and replicable." (from Teaching-Family Association Website) The focus is utilizing scientifically proven methods of behavioralism to teach and reinforce pro-social skills and allow the individual to maintain or advance in his or her environment.

Many programs across the country utilize this model of care, including Appalachian Family Innovations, //www.bariumsprings.org/, and Utah Youth Village.

The Teaching-Family Association (TFA) is an international organization founded in 1975 to promote this model of care. More information can be found on their website.


Teaching-Family Association

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