teacher's aide

Teacher's Aide (The New Twilight Zone)

"Teacher's Aide" is the first segment of the seventh episode from the television series The New Twilight Zone.


Miss Peters is an English teacher at a gang-infested high school where fights between different gangs are the norm. Trying to stop one of these clashes, she is captured by the sight of a gargoyle located on the rooftop of the school’s main entrance that appears to be over-watching her during the clash.

After this incident, Miss Peters starts to notice some changes in her normal behavior. For example, she pins one of the gang members in the classroom against a wall after a small class insubordination, and moments later she spots another member of a gang forcing his way into a locker. So, she violently confronts him, by knocking him against the locker several times. Later at the eve of that day, her dog starts barking at her for no apparent reason. Now this leads her to believe there must be something very wrong with her.

The next day in class one of the gang members, Wizard, starts to play his boom box in the middle of the class and Miss Peters goes crazy, crushing the radio with her own hands and starts beating Wizard up; during that, she's completely "wiping the wall" with his body. The Fury’s gang leader decides this is enough and prepares to finish her later with a baseball bat when the school building is empty. Thanks to her recently-gained supernatural abilities she senses his plan. So now she draws him into a storage room where she is lurking behind some boxes. After playing hide-and-seek for some minutes, a battle begins between them, but Miss Peters is no longer a human, she now resembles a gargoyle. After fighting for a while, Miss Peters defeats Wizard, and when she is about to finish him off, lightning strikes and destroys the gargoyle which was perched outside, on top of the school roofs, returning Miss Peters to her original shape. In the end, both Peters and Wizard have discovered that this fighting will not take them anywhere. So, they forgive each other and leave the storage room. During this, the closing narration plays.

Closing narration

We're told that damned places exist. Buildings where madness permeates the very bricks and mortar. We're told that sometimes dedication and kindness can purge the evil from those walls. This is merely a story. Life isn't really like this, is it? A lesson to be learned in the study halls of the Twilight Zone.

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