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Mackay Trophy

The Mackay Trophy was donated in 1911 by Clarence H. Mackay who was then head of the Postal Telegraph-Cable Company and the Commercial Cable Company. The award is administered by the United States National Aeronautic Association and is awarded yearly by the United States Air Force for the "most meritorious flight of the year" by an Air Force person, persons, or organization.


20th Century

Year Awardee Reason
1912 Henry H. Arnold
1913 Joseph E. Carberry
Fred Seydel
1914 Townsend F. Dodd
S. W. Fitzgerald
1915 B.Q. Jones Duration record
1916-1917 no award
1918 Eddie Rickenbacker highest scoring ace of WWI
1919 Lowell Smith et al circumnavigation of the globe
1920 St. Clair Streett et al
1921 John A. Macready altitude record
1922 John A. Macready
Oakley G. Kelly
duration record
1923 John A. Macready
Oakley G. Kelly
non-stop transcontinental flight
1924 Lowell H. Smith
Leslie P. Arnold
Leigh Wade
Eric H. Nelson
Henry H. Ogden
first round-the-world flight
1925 James H. Doolittle
Cyrus K. Bettis
For winning the Schneider and Pulitzer Races
1926 Herbert A. Dargue
Ira C. Eaker
Arthur B. McDaniel
C. F. Woolsey
J. W. Benton
Charles McRobinson
Muir S. Fairchild
Bernard S. Thompson
Leonard D. Weddingon
Ennis C. Whitehead
Pan-American Good Will Flyers
1927 Albert F. Hegenberger
Lester J. Maitland
Hawaiian flight
1928 Harry A. Sutton spin testing aircraft
1929 A. W. Steven long range aerial photography
1930 Ralph Royce Test flights in extreme cold
1931 Benjamin D. Foulois commanded unit which suffered no loss of life in 40,000 hours of flying time
1932 11th Bombardment Squadron, March Field relief missions to snowbound Navajo and Hopi
1933 Capt. Westside T. Larson For his pioneering flights in connection with the development of methods and procedure of Aerial Frontier Defense
1934 Brig. Gen. Henry H. Arnold Commanding officer of flight of 10 Martin B-10s from Bolling Air Force Base to Fairbanks, Alaska.
1935 A. W. Stevens
O. A. Anderson
Flew balloon to 72,395--a then-record.
1936 Capt. Richard E. Nugent
1st Lt. Joseph A. Miller
1st Lt. Edwin G. Simenson
2nd Lt. William P. Ragsdale, Jr.
2nd Lt. Burton W. Armstrong
2nd Lt. Herbert Morgan, Jr.
Tech Sgt. Gilbert W. Olson
Staff Sgt. Howard M. Miller
Cpl. Air Mechanic 2/c Frank B. Connor
For demonstration of expert instrument flying and navigation, and the will to overcome obstacles to accomplish their mission under exceptionally adverse weather conditions during a flight of three B-10 s from Langley Air Force Base to Allegan, MI.
1937 Capt. Carl J. Crane
George V. Holloman
For successful development and demonstration of an automatic landing system.
1938 2nd Bombardment Group
Lt Col Robert Olds
For good will flight to Buenos Aires and return
1939 Maj Caleb V. Haynes
Maj William D. Old
Capt John A. Samford
1st Lt. Richard S. Freeman
1st Lt. Torgils G. Wold
Tech Sgt. William J. Heldt
Tech Sgt Henry L. Hines
Tech Sgt David L. Spicer
Staff Sgt Russell E. Junior
Staff Sgt James E. Sands
M/Sgt Adolph Cattarius
For flight of Boeing XB-15 from Langley Air Force Base to Chile on relief mission after 1939 Chillán earthquake
1947 Capt. Chuck Yeager First to break the sound barrier
1948 Lt. Col Emil Beadry For the rescue of twelve marooned airmen from the Greenland ice sheet
1949 Capt. James G. Gallagher First non-stop aerial circumnavigation.
1950 27th Fighter Wing For moving 180 fighter jets across the Atlantic Ocean.
1951 Col Fred Ascani For breaking the speed record at 635.686 mph
1952 Maj Louis H. Carrington, Jr.
Maj Frederick W. Shook
Capt. Wallace D. Yancey
First non-stop flight across the Pacific Ocean in a B-45 Tornado.
1953 40th Air Division For flying 25 F-84 Thunderjets non-stop from the United States to Europe and North Africa under adverse conditions.
1954 308th Bombardment Wing For successfully completing a leap from intercontinental maneuver, a milestone in expanding and proving the combined operational capabilities of the B-47 Stratojet and in determining fatigue limits of combat crews.
1955 Col Horace A. Hanes Breaking the flight airspeed record at 822.1 mph in an F-100 Super Sabre
1956 Capt. Iven C. Kincheloe Breaking the flight altitude record in a Bell X-2
1957 93rd Bombardment Wing For non-stop circumnavigation by three B-52 Stratofortresses
1958 Tactical Air Command's Air Strike Force, X-Ray Tango For its rapid and effective deployment to the troubled Far East during the fall of 1958.
1959 U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds For goodwill tour of the Far East.
1960 6593rd Test Squadron For its first aerial recovery of an object from space orbit.
1961 Lt Col William R. Payne
Maj William L. Polthemus
Maj Raymond R. Wagener
For their nonstop flight from Carswell Air Force Base to Paris, which culminated in the establishment of two international speed records.
1962 Maj Robert G. Sowers
Capt Robert MacDonald
Capt John T. Walton
For flight as members of a B-58 Hustler crew which established three transcontinental speed records.
1963 Capt. Warren P. Tomsett
Capt John R. Ordemann
Capt Donald R. Mack
Tech Sgt Edson P. Inlow
Staff Sgt Jack E. Morgan
Staff Sgt Frank C. Barrett
For the evacuation of wounded troops in Vietnam at night under enemy fire with a C-47 Skytrain.
1964 464th Troop Carrier Wing For its participation in the humanitarian airlift of some 1,500 hostages and refugees from rebel held territory in the Republic of the Congo during November 1964.
1965 Col Robert L. Stephens
Lt Col Daniel Andre
Lt Col Walter F. Daniel
Maj Noel T. Warner
Maj James P. Cooney
For flight in the Lockheed YF-12, which culminated in the establishment of nine new world speed and altitude records.
1966 Lt. Col Albert R. Howarth For his exemplary courage and airmanship as a pilot in a combat strike mission in southeast Asia under hazardous conditions of darkness and intense enemy fire.
1967 Maj John J. Casteel
Capt Dean L. Hoar
Capt Richard L. Trail
MSgt Nathan C. Campbell
For performing the first multiple aerial refueling between a KC-135 Stratotanker and an A-3 Skywarrior which simultaneously refueled an F-8 Crusader under emergency fuel shortages and combat condition.
1968 Lt Col Daryl D. Cole For gallantry as a C-130 Hercules pilot in the emergency evacuation of personnel in Vietnam.
1969 49th Fighter Wing For a flawless deployment of 72 F-4 Phantom IIs from Spangdahlem Air Base to Holloman Air Force Base without a single abort, completing 504 successful air-to-air refuelings on the 5,000 mile trip.
1972 Charles B. DeBellevue, Jeffrey S. Feinstein and R. Stephen Ritchie For their extraordinary gallantry, superb airmanship, and intrepidity in the face of the enemy. (They were the three USAF "Aces" from the Vietnam War.)
1991 Crew of Moccasin-05
Capt Tom Trask
Maj Mike Homan
MSgt Timothy Hadrych
TSgt Gregory Vanhyning
TSgt James A. Peterson, Jr
SSgt Craig Dock
Sgt Thomas Bedard

For extraordinary heroism and self-sacrifice of the crew during the rescue of the pilot of Slate 46, a downed Navy F-14 Tomcat in Iraq during Operation DESERT STORM.
1997 Crew of Whisk-05
Lt Col Frank J. Kisner
Maj (Dr.) Robert S. Michaelson
Capt John C. Baker
Capt Reed Foster
Capt Mark J. Ramsey
Capt Robert P. Toth
MSgt Gordon H. Scott
TSgt Tom L. Baker
SSgt John D. Hensdill
SSgt Jeffrey A. Hoyt

For overcoming hostile gunfire, three heavyweight air refuelings, and over 13 hours flying to their objective to insert a European survey and assessment team and extract 56 people from the escalating Republic of the Congo Civil War, achieving this goal while on the ground for less than 23 minutes.

21st Century

Year Awardee Reason
2003 Crew of Vijay 10
Lt Col Shane Hershman, 7th AS
Maj Bob Colvin, 8th AS
1Lt Matt Clausen, 4th AS
MSgt Shawn Brumfield, 62nd OG
MSgt Chris Dockery, 7th AS

Vijay 10 was the lead C-17A Globemaster III in a formation of C-17s from the 62nd and 446th Airlift Wings, McChord AFB, WA. Vijay 10's crew led the largest combat airdrop since WW II. On March 26, 2003, Vijay 10 led an airdrop of 1,000 US Army soldiers over Bashur, Iraq which opened the northern front to combat operations. After the initial insertion, Vijay 10 crewmembers, along with active and reserve crews from Charleston and McChord AFBs flew four more night missions.
2005 Crew of Train 60
Maj Michael S. Frame
Maj Brian Lewis
MSgt Tommy Lee
MSgt John "Mickey" Spillane
TSgt Corey Turner

Train 60 crewmembers were C-130 instructors for the newly formed Iraqi Air Force. The crew's unprecedented mission was to act as the inaugural Iraqi "Air Force One" and take the Iraq Prime Minister from Baghdad to Al Sulaymania to meet with Kurdish leaders. During the mission, Train 60 crewmembers instructed Iraqi aircrew members on flight procedures in a combat environment, quickly improvised a low-level route through mountains to avoid low ceilings and landed on a taxi way at an uncontrolled and uncompleted Iraqi airfield that did not have an American security presence. Their efforts ensured the safety of the all Iraqi crew and the Iraqi head of state during this landmark airlift event.
2006 Capt Scott Markle A-10 flight over Afghanistan

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