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Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars (also known as Crazy Taxi: Double Punch in Japan) is a PSP game, which is a port of both Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2. There is also a multiplayer aspect which was not available in the games' predecessors. The game was developed by newly created Sniper Studios. Despite being a port, the original soundtrack (which contained songs by the bands Bad Religion and The Offspring) has been removed, as well as many of the advertised stores that originally appeared in the original versions of the game but all original characters from the first two games have returned.

Features and changes

  • The game allows custom soundtracks; MP3 files stored on the memory stick can be played in-game.
  • The game is a port of Crazy Taxi and Crazy Taxi 2
  • Multiplayer is possible via Ad-Hoc wireless. Multiplayer is also possible through game sharing, using only one copy of the game
  • The game contains all the modes available in its Dreamcast predecessors.
  • The ability to record your game footage; about 80 seconds of game footage is recordable and transferable
  • The ability to steal passengers
  • An entirely new soundtrack that plays in both games and is not game-specific
  • Passenger voice acting has been re-recorded
  • Certain stores and signs (such as Tower Records) have been removed
  • Most of the sound effects are completely different (ie. acceleration, braking, shifting gears, jumping, etc)
  • Certain respectives between the driver and customers talking have been re-arranged

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