Taxi squad

Taxi squad

The Taxi squad identifies a backup group of National Hockey League (NHL) or minor league ice hockey players, who are designated for replacing injured players during ice hockey games. In most situations, these are during the NHL seasons, where starting players are hurt or in some issues, suspension from playing.For example, Jason Spezza and Eric Staal were included in the taxi squad for Team Canada's 2006 Winter Olympics.


During NHL games, some teams use an extra player, who are mostly a seventh defenseman, rather than the mandatory six. A seventh defenseman, for example, is Germany's Christoph Schubert from the Ottawa Senators. This defines "Taxi squad" however the phrase is most frequently used during the Winter Olympics or World Cup of Hockey tounaments.

Every year, each participating team for the Olympics and World Cup of Hockey are required to select three or four players used for injuries throughout the tounament. If this occurs, the selected player will be chosen from the Manager of the team, and placed in any desired line and position. Sometimes, players are chosen for either:

*Their playing positions, on either the agility of players that can be injured quite easily
*players that have superior chemistry in case of an injury
*Possess enough talent (to the Manager's discretion) to be chosen

During sports practices, minor leaguers may participate with their affiliate team with permission, however are inelegible to play in official games. In hockey, the extra players or taxi squad are called the Black Aces. See:

Rules for back-up players

  • During little-league baseball, players from the younger leagues cannot pitch
  • May not select more players during tounaments


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