Tardieu, André, 1876-1945, French statesman and journalist. He became (1905) chief political editor of the Temps, was elected (1914) a deputy, and was named minister (1919-20) of the liberated regions (Alsace and Lorraine) after World War I. As French plenipotentiary at the Paris Peace Conference (1919), he took an important part in negotiations leading to the Treaty of Versailles. Between 1926 and 1934 he held several cabinet posts and was three times premier (1929-30, 1930, 1932). A conservative and a nationalist, Tardieu championed the French demand for security from German aggression. He resigned as deputy in 1936 and agitated for vigorous action against German aggression and for a strong government. Although Tardieu never retained office long, he endured as a power behind the scenes and greatly influenced the policies of the rightist parties. He also wrote many political works.

See R. Binion, Defeated Leaders (1960).

Tardieu may refer to:

  • André Tardieu (1876–1945) was three times Prime Minister of France (between 1929 and 1932) and a dominant figure of French political life in 1929-1932.
  • Auguste Ambroise Tardieu (1818-1879), pre-eminent forensic medical scientist of the mid-19th century; President of the French Academy of Medicine, as well as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Professor of Legal Medicine at the University of Paris.
  • Jean Tardieu (1903-1995), was a French artist, musician, poet and dramatic author.

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