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List of tanks of the United Kingdom

These are lists of UK tanks to enable cross-referencing between the design names and the service names.

General Staff numbers

This is a list of UK tanks up to the end of the Second World War that received designations starting with the letter "A" - these would be designs requested by the General Staff to meet specifications issued, as opposed to private venture designs submitted by manufacturers to the General Staff

General Staff Number Service Name
A1 *
A2 *
A3 *
A4 *
A5 *
A6 A6 Medium Tank, "16 Tonners"*
A7 A7 Medium Tank*
A8 *
A9 Tank, Cruiser, Mk I
A10 Tank, Cruiser, Mk II
A11 Tank, Infantry, Mk I, Matilda I
A12 Tank, Infantry, Mk II, Matilda II
A13 Mk.II
A13 Mk.III
Tank, Cruiser, Mk III
Tank, Cruiser, Mk IV
Tank, Cruiser, Mk V, Covenanter
A14 *
A15 Tank, Cruiser Mk VI, Crusader
A16 *
A17 Tank, Light, Mk VII, Tetrarch
A18 *
A19 *
A20 *
A21 *
Tank, Infantry, Mk IV, Churchill
Gun Carrier, 3in, Mk I, Churchill
Tank, Infantry, Mk IV, Churchill VII
A23 *
A24 Tank, Cruiser, Mk VII, Cavalier*
A25 Tank, Light, Mk VIII, Harry Hopkins*
A26 *
A27L Tank, Cruiser, Mk VIII, Centaur
A27M Tank, Cruiser, Mk VIII, Cromwell
A28 *
A29 *
A30 Tank, Cruiser, Mk.VIII, Challenger,
SP 17pdr, A30 (Avenger)
A31 *
A32 *
A33 Tank, Heavy Assault, Excelsior*
A34 Tank, Cruiser, Comet I
A35 *
A36 *
A37 *
A38 Tank, Infantry, Valiant*
A39 Tank, Heavy Assault, Tortoise*
A40 *
A41 Tank, Cruiser, Centurion I
A42 Tank, Infantry, Mk IV, Churchill VII (A22F redesignated 1945)
A43 Tank, Infantry, Black Prince*
A44 *
A45 *

*Did not enter service

Alphabetical lists

Includes the C names

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