tang: see butterfly fish.
or tang

Surgeonfish (Acanthurus leucosternon)

Any of about 75 species (family Acanthuridae) of thin, deep-bodied, tropical marine fishes that are small-scaled, with a single dorsal fin and one or more distinctive, sharp spines on either side of the tail base. The spines resemble a surgeon's scalpel and may be either fixed or hinged at the rear so that they can be opened outward and directed forward. Surgeonfishes are mostly algae eaters and usually do not exceed 20 in. (50 cm) long. The yellow surgeon, or yellow tang (Zebrasoma flavescens), is an Indo-Pacific species, and the blue tang (Acanthurus coeruleus) is found in the Atlantic and Caribbean.

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or Li T'ang

(born circa 1050—died circa 1130) Chinese painter. He earned the highest rank in the academy of painting of Emperor Huizong, and after the North fell to the Mongols he went to the South and entered the academy of Emperor Song Gaozong. His landscapes serve as a vital link between the earlier, and essentially Northern, variety of monumental landscape, and the more lyrical Southern style of the Ma-Xia school (based on the work of Ma Yuan and Xia Gui). Li perfected the brushstroke texture known as the “ax stroke,” which gives a tactile sense to painted rocks and suggests the precise and comprehensive reality that Southern Song artists sought to give their landscapes.

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Tang or TANG may refer to:

Chinese name

  • Tang Dynasty (唐朝) of China which reigned from 618 – 907 AD.
  • Tang of Shang (湯), the Shang dynasty ruler, who lived around 1660 BCE
  • The term (Tángrén 唐人) that many southern Chinese use to refer to the Han Chinese ethnic group.
  • A transliteration of Chinese family names such as:
    • 唐 (Pinyin: táng), as in the Tang Dynasty, (but the clan name is more ancient)
    • 湯 (Pinyin: tāng), as in the Tang of Shang.
    • 鄧 or 邓 (Pinyin: dèng), as in Deng Xiao Ping (see Tang Clan)
    • 滕 (Pinyin: téng)
  • Tang Clan of Hong Kong, the first inhabitants to leave China and settle in Hong Kong.
  • Tang flour, a wheat flour used in Chinese cooking. Also called wheat starch
  • Tang Xavier, a modern Chinese Professional Sumo Wrestler.
  • Tang Yan, (of the 唐 clan), a famous Chinese actress and entertainer
  • Tang Wei, a Chinese actress.

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  • Tang (drink), a brand name of instant fruit flavored drinks from the 1950s to the present
  • Tang (weaponry), a projecting element connecting a knife or sword blade to the handle
  • Tang (dish), soup or stew in Korean cuisine

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