tang: see butterfly fish.
Tang or TANG may refer to:

Chinese name

  • Tang Dynasty (唐朝) of China which reigned from 618 – 907 AD.
  • Tang of Shang (湯), the Shang dynasty ruler, who lived around 1660 BCE
  • The term (Tángrén 唐人) that many southern Chinese use to refer to the Han Chinese ethnic group.
  • A transliteration of Chinese family names such as:
    • 唐 (Pinyin: táng), as in the Tang Dynasty, (but the clan name is more ancient)
    • 湯 (Pinyin: tāng), as in the Tang of Shang.
    • 鄧 or 邓 (Pinyin: dèng), as in Deng Xiao Ping (see Tang Clan)
    • 滕 (Pinyin: téng)
  • Tang Clan of Hong Kong, the first inhabitants to leave China and settle in Hong Kong.
  • Tang flour, a wheat flour used in Chinese cooking. Also called wheat starch
  • Tang Xavier, a modern Chinese Professional Sumo Wrestler.
  • Tang Yan, (of the 唐 clan), a famous Chinese actress and entertainer
  • Tang Wei, a Chinese actress.

Fish and related US warships




  • Tang (drink), a brand name of instant fruit flavored drinks from the 1950s to the present
  • Tang (weaponry), a projecting element connecting a knife or sword blade to the handle
  • Tang (dish), soup or stew in Korean cuisine

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