Tan can mean several things:

  • Tan (color), the color
  • Tangent, a mathematical trigonometric function tan(x)
  • Tanning, the process of making leather from hides
  • Sun tanning, the darkening of skin in response to ultraviolet light
  • Sunless tanning, the darkening of skin without ultraviolet light
  • Tan (or Tanfana, Tamfana), ancient European goddess
  • Tan (surname) (), a Chinese surname - see for examples
  • Tan, or Dān (聃), is the posthumous name of Lao Zi (Lao Tzu)
  • TAN Books & Publishers, a Catholic publishing company
  • OS-tan, an Internet phenomenon on Futaba Channel
  • Tahn, a yoghurt-based drink from the Middle East
  • Tan (state), ancient Chinese kingdom situated in eastern Shandong Province.
  • Tan, Irish slang for an English person, deriving from The Black and 'Tans'
  • O-Qua Tangin Wann, Biaviian co-author of the book "The Coming of Tan" (Historicity Productions)

"TAN" or "tan" may also be a three-letter abbreviation for:

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