Mixed drink

A mixed drink is a type of beverage in which two or more different ingredients are mixed together to create a different drink.

Some broad categories of mixed drink recognized at various times have included the following.

  • Cobbler, a drink made of wine or liqueur, sugar, and citrus fruit
  • Cocktail, narrowly a mixture of liquor, sugar, water, and bitters; more broadly any sort of alcoholic mixed drink
  • Cooler, a tall drink made with liquor, a carbonated beverage, and a fruit garnish
  • Crusta, a liquor and citrus drink served in a glass rimmed with sugar
  • Cup, a mixture of wine and other ingredients, typically fruit juice and a carbonated beverage, similar to a Wine cooler
  • Fix, a mixture of liquor, citrus, and sugar
  • Fizz, a fix with a carbonated beverage added
  • Flip, an alcoholic mixed drink incorporating beaten egg, especially one made with liquor or wine, sugar, and egg, topped with powdered nutmeg and served hot or cold. Also used to describe a sailor's drink made from beer mixed with rum or brandy, sweetened and served hot
  • Julep, a sweet drink of liquor and aromatics, specifically mint
  • Punch
  • Pousse-café


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