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Taking Off (album)

Taking Off is the soundtrack to the 1971 movie "Taking Off" directed by Miloš Forman and starring Lynn Carlin, Buck Henry and Georgia Engel. It includes two future artists in brief appearances: Kathy Bates (listed as Bobo Bates in the credits) and Carly Simon, both as auditioning singers. Bates sings "And Even The Horses Had Wings" and Simon sings "Long Term Physical Effects". The album was published only on vinyl and is currently out of print and hard to get. Includes the songs by Ike and Tina Turner and the infamous Mary Mitchell performance of "Ode to a Screw."

Track listing

  • "Love" (Nina Hart) – 2:17
  • "Fields Of Green And Gold" – 1:40
  • "Let's Get A Little Sentimental/Sosaloosa" (Mike Leander/Eddie Seago) – 2:22
  • "And Even The Horses Had Wings" (Kathy "Bobo" Bates) – 3:39
  • "Long Term Physical Effects" (Carly Simon/ Tim Sauders) – 1:54
  • "Ode To A Screw" (Tom Eyen/ Peter Cornell) – 1:35
  • "Stabat Mater Opus 58" – 2:54
  • "Lessons In Love" (Catherine Heriza) – 2:35
  • "Nocturne" – 2:38
  • "Goodbye, So Long" (Tina Turner/Ike Turner) – 3:07
  • "Air" (Performed by The Incredible String Band, Composed by Mike Heron) – 3:10
  • "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" – 1:50
  • "Stranger In Paradise" – :49
  • "Feeling Sort Of Nice" (Shellen Lubin) – 1:59

Lyrics to "Ode to a Screw"

  • Performed by Mary Mitchell, lyrics and music by Tom Eyen and Peter Cornell

You can fuck the lilies and the roses too.
You can fuck the maidens who swear they’ve never been screwed.
You can fuck the Russians and the English too.
You can fuck the Germans and every pushy Jew.
Fuck the Queens.
Fuck the Kings.
Fuck the boys with the very small dings.
Fuck the birds, fuck the pigs, fuck the everything with a thorny twig.
You can fuck the Astros and all nurses in white.
You should fuck the uglies just to be kind and polite.
You can fuck the Moon and June and the Sea.
But before you fuck them first you must fuck me.

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