take for granted

I Took Her Love for Granted

"I Took Her Love for Granted" is a single by British indie rock band Hefner. It was released in compact disc and 7" vinyl record formats by Too Pure in 1999, and was the third single from the band's album The Fidelity Wars.

The single was noted due to its John Hardwick-directed music video, which featured the members of the band running through a South London park wearing flesh-colored anatomically correct nude suits.

The b-side "To Hide a Little Thought" is a cover of the Jonathan Richman song, recorded for the BBC.

Track listing

The single was released in two formats. The compact disc version includes the below tracklist, the 7" the first two songs.

  1. "I Took Her Love for Granted"
  2. "A Belly Full of Babies"
  3. "To Hide a Little Thought"

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