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Will Rap for Food

Will Rap For Food is the debut album by southern hip hop group, CunninLynguists. It was released by Urban Aces in October 2001 and was re-released by Freshchest in 2005. It garnered a decent amount of critical success. It boasted one single, "So Live!" which was released via Buds Distribution and did well for a debut 12". It is almost completely produced by Kno who produces on all but one track. The rapping is mostly handled by Deacon, but Kno as well as guests Mr. SOS, Cashmere the Pro, Tonedeff, Kashal Tee, Mr. Raw, Celph Titled, Sankofa, J. Bully and Kory Calico handle a fair share of the vocals.

It contains a track called "Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts" which satirizes gangsta rap and rappers claiming to be hard by use of clever metaphors.

Track listing

# Title Producer(s) Performer (s)
1 "Will Rap For Food" Kno *Interlude*
2 "Lynguistics" Kno Deacon, Kno
3 "Mic Like A Memory" Kno Deacon, Kno, Kory Calico
4 "So Live!" Celph Titled Deacon, Kno, Jayze Game (backing vocals), Mr. Raw (backing vocals)
5 "Hey" Kno *Interlude*
6 "Fukinwichu" Kno Deacon, Kno
7 "Ain't No Way" Kno Anetra, Deacon, Mr. SOS
8 "Missing Children" Kno Braille, Deacon
9 "Midnight" Kno *Interlude*
10 "Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts" Kno Deacon, J. Bully, Mr. Raw
11 "Kno's Diggin" Kno *Interlude*
12 "Halfanimal" Kno Deacon
13 "Family Ties" Kno Anetra (backing vocals), Cashmere The Professional, Kno
14 "Dirty South" Kno *Interlude*
15 "Mindstate" Kno Deacon
16 "Takin' The Loss" Kno Deacon, Kno, J. Bully
17 "Not Guilty" Kno
18 "616 Rewind" Deacon; co-produced by Kno Celph Titled, Deacon, Kno, Kashal-Tee, Sankofa, Tonedeff

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