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One on One (TV series)

One on One is an American sitcom that aired on the now-defunct UPN. The series stars Flex Alexander as a single sportscaster, who becomes a full-time dad when his ex-wife decides to accept a job out of the country and his teenage daughter moves in with him. The series was originally based in Baltimore, and later in Los Angeles. The series featured numerous celebrities and athletes including Chris Brown, Lil' Romeo, Eve, Lloyd, Floetry, Angie Stone, Mario, Omarion, Brandy, Solange Smith, Lil Zane, Marques Houston, Smokey Robinson, Avant, New Edition and Lisa Leslie, among others. The show was cancelled due to the formation of The WB and UPN to form the CW Television Network.

Cast and characters

Ray J

About the show

The show follows the lives of Flex Washington (Flex Alexander) and his teenage daughter Breanna Barnes (Kyla Pratt). The series begins with Breanna wanting to stay with her father, Flex, whom Breanna used to see only two weeks a year. When he blew out his knee during an NBA game, Flex had his communications degree to fall back on and became a sportscaster. Flex works for the fictional WYNX TV station in Baltimore, resides in the ultimate bachelor pad, and lives the life of luxury. He is a ladies' man who wants to be both a responsible parent and a best friend to Breanna. Flex is very protective of his daughter, especially with boys. He has a way with women and has only had a couple of serious relationships, one of which was Breanna's mother Nicole Barnes (Tichina Arnold), whom he got pregnant at the age of 18. When Nicole takes a job in Nova Scotia, Nicole allows Breanna to live with Flex.

Flex's best friend and Breanna's godfather, Duane Odell Knox (Kelly Perine), is a used car salesman who lives across the hall from Flex and Breanna and is a constant presence in their lives for better or worse. Duane's way with women is the exact opposite of Flex, in which Duane usually repels women. The women he does date, however, are somewhat unusual. His only serious girlfriend during the series was Candy (Shondrella Avery), with whom he dated for two years before getting engaged and later breaking up.

On Breanna's side is her best friend Spirit Jones (Sicily Sewell) with whom she creates some mischief. Her other best friend, Arnaz Ballard (Robert Ri'chard), is the object of her on-again, off-again affection. The two were just best friends, but Breanna became jealous of Arnaz's old girlfriend, Ginger (Khanya Mhkize). Arnaz became jealous when, in season two, Breanna started dating Josh (Josh Henderson). The two finally became a real couple in the latter part of the series. They break up by the fifth season and move on to date other people even though they know they still love each other.

Following the ending relationship from Breanna's current boyfriend and a rejection from Arnez as he went off to chase a new love to the mountains, the final show ended with "I Love LA Part 2" where Sarah, after a bad date, walked in on D-Mac and Breanna sleeping together. There wasn't a filmed third part to "I Love LA" to keep watchers on a cliff-hanger and end the show on an interesting note.

Main Crew

  • Executive Producers: Robert Greenblatt, David Janollari, Eunetta T. Boone
  • Co-Executive Producers: Flex Alexander, Dan Cross, David Hoge, Bill Boulware, Devon Shepard *Supervising Producer: Susan Nirah Jaffee
  • Producer: Craig Wyrick-Solari. Co-Producers: Cheryl Walker, John Vohlers, Eric Lev, Erica Montolfo

Theme song

The show's theme song "Living One on One", was written and performed by Shanice (wife of series star Flex Alexander) and Tonex. The theme song was slightly shortened and remixed by Detail and Ray J for the show's fifth season.

Guest Stars


United States

One on One is currently being broadcast in the United States on local stations and cable networks The N and BET


One on One is currently being broadcast in Canada on BET.

United Kingdom

One on One can be seen on Trouble in the UK.


One on One can be seen on Nine_Network in Australia.

South Africa

One on One can be seen on SABC1 in South Africa.

Middle East

All seasons of One on One are being aired on the Paramount Comedy Channel in the Middle East. Season five has not been aired completely.


  • Originally, the fourth season ended with Breanna staying in Baltimore and moving in with her boyfriend, Arnaz, but finding Arnaz had spent his rent on a plane ticket to stop her from leaving for L.A. By the fifth season's premiere, this was changed to them deciding to move to L.A. together, in order to accommodate the network-enforced casting changes.
  • During seasons 1, 2, and 3, Arnaz has a Yin and Yang tattoo on the right side of his neck, but in the 4th and 5th seasons, it's gone. The change is especially noticed when Arnaz and Michelle, D-Mack's sister, go to a rock concert, and afterwards Arnaz addresses the fact about how the band members had numerous tattoos, and he doesn't have any.
  • Many of the show's titles are taken from songs ("The Way You Make Me Feel") or movies ("Phantom Menace", "Spy Games"), or takes on the two ("It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Hip Hop World", "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Venice?") *Both Kyla Pratt and Robert Ri'chard have appeared in episodes of Veronica Mars
  • Originally, The series was going to move to the The CW.

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