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Take Home Chef

Take Home Chef is a half-hour reality cooking show on TLC, starring Curtis Stone.

In each episode, Stone introduces himself to a stranger in a grocery store, typically an attractive woman in her 20s or 30s, and asks if she is cooking a meal for someone that night. When the person responds affirmatively, Stone offers his services to help cook dinner. They drive to the participant's house, cook the meal, and then surprise the participant's partner or guest upon their arrival.

While Chef Stone is a tall attractive man, the surprised shopper is usually a woman (typically a younger and attractive woman), so the show relies on faux sexual tension for part of its entertainment value. Chef Stone must "pick up" the woman at the supermarket and convince her to take him home. Jokes about what the woman's husband/partner or neighbors will think when she brings home a strange man in the house are common. There have been a few episodes of men suprising their partners.

Recipes that are used on each episode are posted on the show's official website.

Notable guests

Voice actress Tara Strong guest starred on the show in October 2006 with her husband Craig and their two sons. Comedian Randy Sklar was surprised with Beef Wellington by his wife and Stone.

Canadian-Australian actress Kimberley Joseph appeared in the episode "Kimberly" (sic) that first aired June 15, 2007. Seemingly chosen at random in a grocery store, she and Curtis then recognized each other from TV shows the other had been on back home. The pair surprised three of her friends with a Spanish-themed menu, featuring tapas and a manchego cheese dessert.

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