take bit in ones teeth

In the Teeth of the Evidence

In the Teeth of the Evidence is a collection of short stories by Dorothy L. Sayers first published by Victor Gollancz in 1939. (ISBN 0-380-01280-4). The book's title is taken from the first story in the collection.


  • Lord Peter Wimsey stories:
    • "In the Teeth of the Evidence"
    • "Absolutely Elsewhere"
  • Montague Egg stories:
    • "A Shot at Goal"
    • "Dirt Cheap"
    • "Bitter Almonds"
    • "False Weight"
    • "The Professor's Manuscript"
  • Other stories:
    • "The Milk-Bottles"
    • "Dilemma"
    • "An Arrow O'er the House"
    • "Scrawns"
    • "Nebuchadnezzar"
    • "The Inspiration of Mr. Budd"
    • "Blood Sacrifice"
    • "Suspicion"
    • "The Leopard Lady"
    • "The Cyprian Cat"
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