Takarazuka, city (1990 pop. 201,862), Hyogo prefecture, SW Honshu, Japan. It is a suburb and a resort serving the Osaka-Kobe areas.
is a city located in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.


Takarazuka is nestled between the Rokko Range to the west and Nagao Range to the north with the Muko River running through the center of the city.

A bedroom community for Osaka and Kobe, there are quiet, upscale residential neighborhoods like Nigawa, Sakasegawa, and Hibarigaoka.

Known as the inner parlor of Kansai, Takarazuka is famous for the Takarazuka Revue, hot springs, and the Takarazuka Tourism Fireworks Display held since 1913. It is also famous as a choice residential area along with Ashiya and Nishinomiya.

At one time, the idea was raised of merging Takarazuka with Itami, Kawanishi, and Inagawa, but it is currently on hold.



Mayor: Yoshihide Sakaue (阪上善秀 Sakaue Yoshihide) (current term ends April 8, 2010)

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Elementary Schools
Ryogen Municipal, Takarazuka Number 1 Municipal, Kohama Municipal, Takarazuka Municipal, Nagao Municipal, Nishitani Municipal, Nigawa Municipal, Nishiyama Municipal, Mefu Municipal, Nagao South Municipal, Suenari Municipal, Akura Municipal, Nakayama-Sakuradai Municipal, Nagaodai Municipal, Sakasedai Municipal, Miza Municipal, Koumyo Municipal, Suehiro Municipal, Nakayama-Satsukidai Municipal, Maruhashi Municipal, Takatsukasa Municipal, Akura North Municipal, Sumiregaoka Municipal, Yamatedai Municipal, Hibarigaoka AcademyJunior High Schools
Takarazuka Number 1 Municipal, Takarazuka Municipal, Nagao Municipal, Nishitani Municipal, Houbai Municipal, Takatsukasa Municipal, South Hibarigaoka Municipal, Akura Municipal, Nakayama-Satsukidai Municipal, Gotenyama Municipal, Hikarigaoka Municipal, Yamatedai Municipal, Hibarigaoka Academy, Obayashi Seishin Women's InstituteSenior High Schools
Takarazuka Prefectural, Takarazuka West Prefectural, Takarazuka East Prefectural, Takarazuka North Prefectural, Hibarigaoka Academy, Obayashi Seishin Women's InstituteMiscellaneous Schools
Takarazuka Music SchoolVocational Colleges
Municipal Nursing CollegeUniversities
Koshien University, Takarazuka University of Art and Design

Neighboring Municipalities

Inagawa, Itami, Kawanishi, Kobe (Kita-ku), Nishinomiya, Sanda.

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Railways connect the city to other cities in the region including Osaka. Takarazuka Station, serving all railway lines in the city listed below, plays an important role as the city's central station.



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