taganrog gulf

Taganrog Bay

Taganrog Bay or Taganrog Gulf (Таганрогский залив) is the northeastern arm of the Sea of Azov. At its northeast end is the mouth of the Don River. Length: about 140 km, width at the mouth: 31 km, median depth: about 5 m. It freezes from December to May.

Its mouth is marked by the Dolgaya Spit on the south and the Belosaray Spit (Belosarayskaya Spit) on the north. It abounds in sandy spits that partly enclose shallow bays. The bay contains Sandy Isles (Песчаные острова). Rivers Don, Kalmius, Mius and Yeya fall into the Taganrog Bay. The major ports are Taganrog, Mariupol (Ukraine), and Yeysk. Rostov-on-Don is a few miles up the Don river.

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