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T.M.C. Asser Instituut

The T.M.C. Asser instituut (established in 1965) is a professional inter-university centre of knowledge and research. The institute carries out research in private and public international law, European law, international commercial arbitration and all other related fields, such as international sports law and international humanitarian and criminal law. It is based in The Hague and it is affiliated to the University of Amsterdam.

The institute is named after Tobias Michael Carel Asser(April 28, 1838, AmsterdamJuly 29, 1913, The Hague), he was a Dutch jurist, cowinner (with Alfred Fried) of the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1911 for his role in the formation of the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the first Hague peace conference (1899). He also advocated for the creation of an international academy of law, which led to founding of the Revue de Droit International et de Législation Comparée with John Westlake and Gustave Rolin-Jaequemyns, the Institut de Droit International and the creation of the Hague Academy of International Law.

Hague Academic Coalition

The T.M.C. Asser Instituut is a member of the Hague Academic Coalition (HAC). Its member institutions are:

Supranational Criminal Law

The T.M.C. Asser Instituut organises in cooperation with the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies and the Coalition for the International Criminal Court the Supranational Criminal Law Lecture series. Speakers of the 2008 series include:

Hague Initiative for Law and Armed Conflict

The Hague Initiative for Law and Armed Conflict is an initiative of the Netherlands Red Cross and the T.M.C. Asser Instituut. Its goal is to bring all actors in the field of International Humanitarian Law in the Netherlands together, and to disseminate International Humanitarian Law through different activities. Recently, HILAC has joined forces with the Amsterdam Center for International Law of the University of Amsterdam. The Hague Initiative for Law and Armed Conflict organizes a monthly lecture series, speakers in 2008 include:

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