Sysop is short for "System operator". It is a commonly used term for an administrator of a multi-user website, such as a bulletin board system (BBS) or special-interest area of an online service.


Historically, the term has also applied to operators of any computer system, especially a mainframe computer. In general, a sysop is a person who oversees the operation of a server, typically in a large computer system. Comparable with a system administrator, the term differs slightly as an administrator typically manages user access while a sysop manages the operation of the computer. Usage of the term peaked in the late 1980s, being mostly used to refer to BBS operators; someone doing equivalent functions on the Internet is primarily referred to as a "sysadmin", short for system administrator, or simply "admin".


Co-sysops were users who were granted certain admin privileges on a BBS. Generally, they would help validate users and monitor discussion forums. Some served as file clerks, describing and inserting newly arrived shareware, Freeware, and other files into appropriate download directories.

Sysops on wikis

On wikis sysops are usually called Administrators and have the function of blocking users who edit the wiki unconstructively. They can also unblock blocked users. Other powers and functions include protecting and unprotecting pages, editing protected pages, deleting pages and restoring deleted pages. Different wikis vary in how much protection there is against arbitrary use of sysops' power, but usually they must give a reason for a user block and decide the duration.


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