Stripperella was a short-lived adult-oriented American animated television series created by Stan Lee. The main character, voiced by and based on Pamela Anderson, is a stripper named Erotica Jones who is also the superheroine/secret agent Stripperella. It is rated TV-MA in the United States.

Series description

Stripperella's powers include enhanced reflexes and senses, an above average intelligence (realizing obvious things that everyone else in the show is inevitably oblivious to), superhuman strength (able to hold a large, falling tree above the heads of ungrateful children... from Episode 13: Night of the Werebeaver), jumping really high, sexy martial arts and of course, killer stripper moves. She has twice claimed to be impervious to all temperatures and weather conditions, but this has only been casually tested on screen. She generally has access to a number of Bond-esque, super-technological devices of questionable usefulness. She is also able to use her extravagant blonde hair as an effective parachute.

She has a brother named Chipperella, who also happened to be a stripper living the double life as a superhero and secret agent. He was briefly mentioned when Stripperella temporarily lost faith in her crime fighting abilities after having been shrunken by Small fry. He appears in a flashback as a hunky blonde and is affectionally referred to by Erotica and Chief Stroganoff as "Chip."

In a humorous anecdote, Stroganoff tells Stripperella that her brother's memory was erased, later being mostly restored except for the word 'quit' which was forever erased from his memory.

Stripperella debuted on Spike TV in the spring of 2003 and lasted one season with 13 episodes. Anderson described it as not being a raunchy show, despite obvious double entendres and full frontal nudity (which was blurred out when shown on Spike TV).

The animation style changed halfway through the show's run, becoming brighter and revamping the looks of many of the show's major characters. Stripperella, for example, was now drawn with a cowl having larger eyeholes, similar to Batgirl's. Fellow stripper Persephone now had a darker complexion and an accent that inexplicably changed from episode to episode.

In Australia, Stripperella began airing uncensored on SBS TV, starting Monday March 13 2006 at 21:00 local time (9:00PM), after having previously been restricted to early-morning airings on the Nine Network.

In the United Kingdom, Stripperella is aired uncensored as part of the U.K. incarnation of the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block. In Germany, the show aired uncensored on Comedy Central Germany available for all audiences.

In Italy, it's aired on FX Italia, uncensored and unrated; in Latin America is transmitted by MTV Latin America; and in Brazil is transmitted by Multishow.

Recurring characters

  • Erotica's workplace Tenderloins features the owner Kevin, swishy bartender Leonard, and dancers Persephone, Giselle, and the antagonistic Kat.
  • The main competition of Tenderloins is SiliCones, a strip club owned by Dirk McMahon (voiced by Vince McMahon).
  • Stripperella works for the agency FUGG along with Chief Stroganoff, technicians Hal and Bernard, and Special Agent 14.
  • There are two recurring villains, the Jon Lovitz-voiced Cheapo, the world's cheapest bad guy, and Queen Clitoris (pronounced kli-TOR-is).
  • Reporter Skip Withers appears when TV news coverage is needed. Weird Al has appeared twice without any lines.

Comic books

Originally there was to have been a promotional Stripperella comic published by Humanoids Publishing (publishers of Métal Hurlant magazine) alongside the animated series, but creative differences between TNN/Spike TV and Pamela Anderson saw it cancelled before publication.


The Complete DVD boxed set released in 2005 contains uncensored versions with a new opening theme replacing the original Kid Rock song.

Legal controversy

In 2003, ex-stripper Janet Clover, aka "Jazz", aka "Stripperella", filed a lawsuit in the Daytona Beach, Florida circuit court against Viacom, Stan Lee, and Pamela Anderson, claiming she is Stripperella's true creator and Stan Lee stole her idea when she discussed it during a lap dance. Clover filed the original suit herself without an attorney as she said she couldn't afford the US$6000 lawyer fee. The suit was filed in the name of the non-existent "Office of the Professional Nurse Advocate - Moral and Ethical Division" because she said it sounded more impressive than if it were filed by a semi-retired stripper.

The lawsuit attracted the attention of local media, and the story was picked up by the wire service Associated Press and national media, including People and Entertainment Weekly, upon which attorneys in New York City learned about the case and subsequently offered their services. Clover moved to dismiss her own suit before it could be challenged, and had a practicing attorney refile it, specifically targeting Lee, regardless this as well as creative differences lead to the show's demise.


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