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Look Both Ways

Look Both Ways is a multiple AFI Award-winning Australian independent movie, written and directed by Sarah Watt, starring an ensemble cast, which was released on August 18, 2005. The film was supported by the Adelaide Film Festival fund and opened the 2005 festival. The film was selected as a film text by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority for the VCE English Course.

Tagline: Disaster is everywhere.


The film charts the stories of several people over a hot summer weekend in Adelaide. Photojournalist Nick (William McInnes) discovers he has cancer. On his way home he happens upon the site of a train accident and meets Meryl (Justine Clarke), who witnessed a man get run over by a train. Over the course of a hot weekend, their relationship develops as another chance encounter allows them to discover more about each other and the two gradually allow themselves to let go of their fears and form a meaningful relationship with one another. Meanwhile, Nick's colleague, Andy Walker, has to deal with the news that his estranged girlfriend, Anna, is pregnant, made more difficult by the fact that neither of them really wanted or planned for a baby. Andy also has to cope with his ex-wife, who doesn't trust his ability to take good care of his two children. The lives of Julia, the partner of the man run over by the train, and the driver of the train are also explored, both characters shown going through the seven stages of grief, the train driver also bridging the gap with his estranged teenage son during the course of the movie.


Principal Cast and Characters
Justine Clarke as Meryl
William McInnes as Nick
Anthony Hayes as Andy Walker
Lisa Flanagan as Anna
Andrew S. Gilbert as Phil
Daniella Farinacci as Julia
Maggie Dence as Joan
Edwin Hodgeman as Jim
Andreas Sobik as Train Driver
Sacha Horler as Linda


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