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Swing Around/Apollo 2000

The Huss Swing Around is an amusement park ride manufacturered by Huss. It rotates in a circle, and the arms swing out, and then come in. They keep on doing this during the ride until the very end, where they all swing out, using hydraulic pressure. Most parks require riders to be 42 inches tall to ride; anyone under 48 inches tall must ride with an adult.


This ride has 14 seats which can fit two people at most. These rides have a metal bar that goes over both, or single riders. Some rides also have a seatbelt for extra protection, and there are no seat dividers.

The Look

The ride itself looks circular with the bottom of it smaller than the top. Some of these rides actually have lights on them, and very little theming to them.

However, the ride at Six Flags Great America called Ricochet has black and white spots on it along with compasses. The cars are also cow-like.

Where is a Huss Swing Around Located

Similar Ride

The Apollo 2000 is very similar to the Huss Swing Around. However, it's made by Soriani and Moser. The major difference is that there is a globe in the center of the ride. One of these is located at Dorney Park.

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