sweep off someone's feet

Someone's Waiting for You

Someone's Waiting for You is a song from Walt Disney Productions' 1977 animated musical film, The Rescuers. It was sung by Shelby Flint and was written and composed by the song-writing team of Carol Connors, Sammy Fain and Ayn Robbins.

The song is a hopeful message for the orphan girl Penny after her last drop of faith was wiped off by Madame Medusa's cruel words. During the touching sequence, Penny spots a star up in the sky, struggling to shine. When Penny sees the star, she's reminded of Rufus and his message of the bluebird of faith, which was as real as the first evening star. Then, as Penny's faith returns, the star is able to shine brightly and Penny's dark world is lit up again. The song, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song in 1978, was included as a bonus track in the soundtrack for the film's sequel, "The Rescuers Down Under" (1990). Debbie Boone performed the song at the 1978 Oscars ceremony, as well as Candle on the Water from Disney's 1977 film, Pete's Dragon. Lea Salonga later produced her own rendition of this song.

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