Sweaty Handshake

Sweaty Handshake was the debut album by Pet Lamb. It was released January 1995 through Roadrunner Records. It is a compilation of two EPs released through Blunt Records, Paranoid from the Neck Down released March 1 1993, and Spent, released December 5 1994.

Track listing

  1. "Never Rest Again"
  2. "Asshole Agony Aunt"
  3. "All Time Low"
  4. "Little Meaner"
  5. "Where Did Your Plan Go"
  6. "Black Mask"
  7. "Insult to Injury"
  8. "I Got Played"
  9. "Fun with Maggots"
  10. "Suck the Grain"
  11. "Drop It"
  12. "The Bastard"

Paranoid from the Neck Down

  1. "Little Meaner"
  2. "Where Did Your Plans Go"
  3. "Asshole Agony Aunt"
  4. "Never Rest Again"
  5. "Drop It"

Spent EP

  1. "Insult to Injury"
  2. "Fun with Maggots"
  3. "Suck the Grain"
  4. "Black Mask"
  5. "The Bastard"


"Black Mask" was released November 1994, with "Get Your Socks Off" and "Cinders".

"Where Did Your Plans Go" was released April 18 1994, with "Bully Lover" and "Mutt Stamina".


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