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List of characters in the Ratchet & Clank series

This article provides a list of secondary characters from the Ratchet & Clank video game series universe.

Major protagonists

The primary protagonist of the series. A Lombax (a fictional race from the planet Fastoon) who, at the start of Ratchet & Clank, was but a mere mechanic dreaming of adventure among the stars. His life changes when he meets the diminutive robot fugitive named Clank. Ratchet tends to be quite headstrong. In later games he shows jealousy over Clank's notoriety. His short temper in the first game goes away in the subsequent titles. He was once a close friend to Angela Cross as seen in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, and later develops a romantic interest in Sasha.
Voiced by Mikey Kelley (English, Ratchet & Clank), James Arnold Taylor (English, all other appearances), Makoto Tsumura (Japanese)Clank
Ratchet's robotic sidekick and sometimes co-protagonist. Clank's escape from Chairman Drek's robot plant on planet Quartu—and subsequent arrival on planet Veldin—catalyzes Ratchet's adventure. Clank also has many attachments including a helipack, thrusterpack, and hydropack. He also can turn into a giant form to fight much larger enemies. He was mostly used as a character for tight spaces or areas in outer space.
Voiced by David Kaye (English), Tōru Ōkawa (Japanese)Captain Qwark
A self-proclaimed "Hero of the Galaxy", and staple of the Ratchet & Clank universe.
In Ratchet & Clank he was Drek's secret henchman or Steve McQwark. In Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando he was the main villain. Captain Qwark now follows Ratchet and Clank around trying to jump in on their adventures at every chance he gets. There is an example of this in Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters for the PSP, where Clank spots him following them and shortly after asking him what he's doing answers the question for Qwark by saying "I'm trailing Ratchet and Clank to see what they are doing, so I can join in on their next adventure." Captain Qwark is the only character apart from Ratchet and Clank themselves to appear in every single Ratchet and Clank game (if the cameo in Deadlocked is taken into consideration). Ratchet doesn't always seem to trust Qwark, in one case reminding Clank of his previous wrongdoings, and believing that he may have teamed up with Doctor Nefarious.
Voiced by Jim Ward (English), Kenji Nomura (Japanese)Big Al
A recurring character. He originally supplied Clank with the Heli-Pack in Ratchet & Clank. Big Al is chosen for the Q-Force in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal for his mastery of electronics. He oftens baffles Ratchet with his techno-speak and has to get Clank to "translate" for him since Clank also speaks "Nerd". He is the stereotypical computer geek with interests in electronics and all things Qwark. He has two siblings, Bob and Edwina (Ed), who, like him, own "RoboShacks". When a certain point is reached in the third game, Al can be heard accidentally professing his love for Helga over the intercom at the Phoenix. During the events of Ratchet: Deadlocked, he was shot and critically injured by Ace Hardlight for deactivating the Deadlock collars, and had to get extensive cybernetic repairs, including a robotic eye and arm.
At the end of Deadlocked, Al became the leader of the "Ratchet Fan Club", which also included the three kids from the Dreadzone commercials and tests, Vernon, Eugiene and Lucy and later the two Combat Bots Merc and Green.
Voiced by Chris Hatfield (English), Yasuhiro Takato (Japanese)Skidd McMarxx
A recurring character. Codename: Shadowdude, he is a professional hoverboarder. In Ratchet & Clank he lets Ratchet take his place in a big hoverboard race. Chosen for the Q-Force for his "nerves of steel" in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, despite chickening out and letting Ratchet do the work. He is a skateboarder/surfer dude archetype with a laidback attitude. Later on in Up Your Arsenal, he gets kidnapped by Courtney Gears and is taken to Obani Draco—where he was used as a test dummy for the Biobliterator test and turned into a robot. How he was changed back from his robot state at the end of the game isn't revealed, but earlier on in Up Your Arsenal, Big Al said that it may be possible to reverse the transformation. He is, however, seen back to normal watching the Secret Agent Clank movie in the ending cinematic. Following Up Your Arsenal Skidd was picked up by Courtney Gears' old record label.Despite being shown as a coward, Skidd accompanies you on missions twice, and is shown wanting to join the second mission, much to Ratchet's chagrin.
Voiced by Neil Flynn (English), Wataru Takagi (Japanese)Helga
Another recurring character. She sold Ratchet the Swingshot gadget in Ratchet & Clank, although she was supposed to give it to them for free. She made Rachet run a fitness course and pay bolts to get it. Helga was chosen for her "sensual powers of seduction" in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, which is ironic since she is Captain Qwark's portly, brutish fitness trainer with a heavy German accent. She often thinks of Ratchet as a weakling due to his comparatively short height. Helga has a romantic interset toward Big Al(in "Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal" she says "Al, dear.").
Voiced by Mona Marshall (English), Kujira (Japanese)Skrunch
Captain Qwark's cycloptic monkey sidekick. Being a monkey, he loves bananas but unlike real mokeys, he eats the entire banana(even the peel) In Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, he gets mad at Qwark for having sexual relations with his sister, Qwark responds to this by saying: "It was mating season, how could I've known she was your sister?" He's also seen running around the Starship Phoenix's bridge. Skrunch also makes an appearance in Size Matters in which he appears in an odd spaceship two times. The first time he appears he speaks to Clank and another at the end of the game.
Voiced by Jim Ward.Sasha
She first appeared in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal as Captain of the Starship Phoenix, she is a Cazar. Sasha is also the daughter of the Galactic President. She holds a badly concealed romantic crush on Ratchet (she kissed him twice in Up Your Arsenal and suggestively provides him with private quarters). In Ratchet: Deadlocked, she was elected Mayor of Metropolis, letting Ratchet take her place as captain, but their relationship is still hinted at. Ratchet actually says "Will you marry me?" to Sasha the first time they meet on the Starship Phoenix, but this is clearly just because he just thinks the Phoenix is cool, and not meant to be taken seriously. It is noticeable that when she first lays eyes on him, they widen dramatically, indicating she develops a crush on him early on. The difference in Ratchet and Sasha's heights vary from scene to scene: in most cut scenes, she seems as tall or slightly taller than Ratchet, but in the single instance she appears standing during game play, Ratchet is only as tall as her chest. She is mentioned briefly at one point in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, when a pirate can be heard telling a story about combat with the Starship Phoenix and Captain Sasha.
Voiced by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (English), Tomoko Kawakami (Japanese)


Ratchet & Clank

Chairman Drek
The villain of Ratchet & Clank. Drek is the leader of the totalitarian capitalist Blarg race who polluted their homeworld of Orxon. Drek spends the entirety of the game attempting to rebuild a new, ideal world for his people from bits of existing planets. However, at the end of the game, he proclaims that his plan is to get "cash, and lots of it." His plan is ultimately thwarted when Ratchet destroys the new planet, with Drek on it.

His title increases every time he is seen again. Starting out as simply 'Chairman Drek' he then becomes 'Executive Chairman Drek', 'Supreme Executive Chairman Drek' and finally 'Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek'. When Ratchet and Clank visit IRIS in Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, some images of Drek can be seen on the several monitors in the room.
Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson (English), Tetsuo Gotō (Japanese)Robot Lieutenant
The secondary villain of Ratchet and Clank and Drek's second-in-command. He is first seen reporting to Drek via video screen from Eudora where he lead the operation of cutting down all the trees for Dreks new planet. Ratchet and Clank soon confronted him. He prepares to fight Clank but loses his composure when seeing Ratchet behind him, prompting him to flee and leave behind an infobot. He also appears in one other cutscene in the game.

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

Angela Cross (aka The Mysterious Thief)
Angela was formerly an employee for Megacorp's genetics division, but quit over the lack of testing on a new project to create an artificial pet. Not allowed to correct its flaws (namely, its large appetite and savage nature), Angela disguised herself and stole the prototype creature. However, Megacorp recruited Ratchet to get it back from her, so she hired the mercenary/crime organization Thugs-4-Less to protect her, and tried to get Ratchet out of the way using his partner Clank as bait. Unfortunately, both tactics failed, and when Thugs-4-Less was bought out of their contract by a third party, and Angela was forced into talking Ratchet and Clank into helping her stop Megacorp from releasing the still-highly dangerous Protopet all over the galaxy. It is revealed in Tools of Destruction that she is not a Lombax, as Ratchet is the only remaining Lombax in the entire universe. Although she did kiss Ratchet, her feelings for him are ambiguous as a result of her absence in the two new games.
Voiced by Kath Soucie (English), Yuki Masuda (Japanese)Thug Leader
A secondary antagonist in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, the Thug Leader is the boss of Thugs-4-Less. His name is never revealed. He has a low intelligence, and will do just about anything for the right price. He apparently died after the third battle against him on "Planet Snivelak". However, it is revealed he was imprisioned, and took his revenge on a framed Ratchet in Secret Agent Clank
Voiced by Steven Jay Blum (English)Mutant Protopet
The final boss in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, he is about 100 times larger than his fellow Protopets. This happens because Quark used the helix-o-morph backwards making the original protopet mutant and much, much more vicious than his fellow friends. He swallows Quark immediately after his accidental creation, then following his defeat, the still-alive Quark is regurgitated and he reverts to his original size.

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Doctor Nefarious
The main villain of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. Dr. Nefarious is a stereotypical robotic mad scientist who has a hatred for all organic life (or "squishies", as he calls them), despite formerly being one himself. He and Qwark have a deep history going back to when they were in high school where Qwark, being bigger and older (according to Nefarious, Qwark was three times his size and 26 years old), bullied and humiliated him. His plan was to use the Biobliterator, a superweapon that turns all organic life into robots, to convert all under his "benevolent, iron-fisted rule". In the end, he ends up getting stuck on an asteroid with his servant Lawrence, unable to get out of their location (for 5 to 10,000 years, according to Lawrence). He has a strange habit of overloading in times of extreme stress (i.e. when he screams), causing him to freeze up and pick up random signals of a soap opera in his head. The only way to snap him out of it is to smack him heavily over the head, which Lawrence calls 'The best part of his day'. It is apparent that Dr. Nefarious does not realize he does this, since he continues screaming afterwards as if it never happened. How this habit originated is revealed later on in the game following completion of the fifth Qwark Vid-Comic it's possible that Lawrences's repairs to him first caused this, there were plans to get it fixed but it never happened. Early on in Up Your Arsenal, it is also revealed that Nefarious is Clank's biggest fan, thinking that the Secret Agent Clank series are real. He does not appear to be very quick-witted, and his genius is commonly questioned by his stupid actions. He is clearly not proud of this. He makes a cameo appearance in Ratchet: Deadlocked alongside Lawrence (who is dressed as a punk rocker with his Bass guitar) still stuck on the same asteroid only to arrive at the ruins of the DreadZone Station. It is hinted in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction that he is currently an inmate at Zordoom prison. At the end of Ratchet & Clank Future: The Quest for Booty, it is hinted that Doctor Nefarious would return in the next installment of the franchise.
Voiced by Armin Shimerman (English), Fumito Yamano (Japanese)Lawrence
Lawrence is Doctor Nefarious' robotic butler, noticeably similar to the character Jeeves. His duties usually consist of "dirty laundry and what not", along with other menial tasks. Similar to the character of Geoffrey Butler, he has a clear dislike for his boss, often pummeling him with subtle insults ("If anyone can beat a moron at his own game, it's you, sir," "Even drooling imbeciles can achieve greatness in certain fields, sir. Mad science, for example," "You put the 'wit' in 'twit,'") or purposely doing a bad job ("Oh dear. That was your audition for Galactic Idol, wasn't it? My mistake, sir. Dreadfully sorry."), though he seems to be scornful of essentially most around him (he cites the elimination of the Q-Force as a favor to the fashion world). Yet Nefarious, who either cannot fend for himself or doesn't catch on to Lawrence's true nature, still keeps him by his side. His hobbies include playing the bass guitar, in which his status as a guitar player is revealed just before the final battle. His apparent favorite song to play is called "Bass Odyssey".
Voiced by Michael Bell (English), Nobuaki Fukuda (Japanese)Courtney Gears
Courtney Gears is a female pop star robot who occasionally gives out prizes on the Solana Galaxy's favorite show, Annihilation Nation. Her music and videos are popular in the Solana Galaxy, even Ratchet is a fan of hers. Courtney is in league with Doctor Nefarious. She is interested in Clank and the star power she can gain from playing a role on his Secret Agent Clank series. At Holostar Studios, she knocks Clank out and kidnaps him for Doctor Nefarious, whom she is apparently in love with (possibly because of his idea of robot freedom). When Skidd gets himself kidnapped, Ratchet travels to Obani Draco and defeats Courtney in direct combat. Surprisingly, she survives her injuires, and according to the Announcers in Ratchet: Deadlocked, she made a "miraculous recovery, after her attack by two psychotic fans" (while a picture of Ratchet and Clank appear with weird facial expressions added). Courtney appears in the Reactor: Introspective cinematic, revealed to be Reactor's girlfriend. Courtney dumped him because of his pathetic High School math teacher persona, but she ran back to Reactor as soon as he was a "homicidal popstar". In Tools of Destruction, Captain Qwark said that she had a holotape released (which just happened to be a sex tape). Her name is a parodic portmanteau of Britney Spears and Courtney Love.
Voiced by Melissa Disney (English), Chigusa Ikeda (Japanese)Klunk
Doctor Nefarious' doppelgänger of Clank he uses to learn what Ratchet and the Q-Force are planning. Klunk's eyes are naturally red, but turn green when in disguise as Clank, then reverting to red whenever he does anything other than impersonating Clank. When Ratchet goes to Metropolis, he finds out that Klunk is not Clank and that Clank has been captured by Nefarious. Ratchet then fights Giant Klunk on a hovertrain, defeats him, and rescues Clank. Klunk is a very mean-spirited little robot. When the Q-force thought Captain Qwark was dead, and were each saying a few words about him, Klunk went as far as to say, "What a load of bullsh..." (comically interrupted by Ratchet). He was apparently destroyed when Ratchet defeated him. In the final boss battle while chasing after Nefarious the field is rittled with parts from robots, one of which is a cracked and somewhat rusted old head resembling giant Klunk's/Clank's this is arguable due to the fact that they look exactly alike.

Klunk is later revealed to be the main villain in Secret Agent Clank, where he frames Ratchet for a crime he didn't commit, and he poses as Clank in order to stop Ratchet, making himself look like a hero. He was foiled by Clank and Captain Qwark, and was turned into a vaccuum Ratchet uses to clean up his home, but Klunk might still be alive due to his backup system being the same as Clank's. Clank has a skin in Secret Agent Clank for 2 Titaniaum Bolts.

Ratchet: Deadlocked

Gleeman Vox
The primary antagonist of Ratchet: Deadlocked. He kidnaps Ratchet, Clank and Al for his reality show DreadZone, where heroes must participate in life-threatening challenges or else risk certain death—since all "contestants" are fitted with "Deadlock Collars" that will detonate at Vox's command. He is completely obsessed with the ratings of DreadZone and marketing of Ace Hardlight products. He is finally defeated when after his battle against Ratchet, he blows up the DreadZone Station with Ratchet, Merc, Green, and himself on it. He does this because he truly believes that this is the greatest Ratings Booster that he can achieve. But as he activates the remote detonator, the last hovership lands to carry Ratchet, Merc, Green, Slugha (Vox's pet) to safety, leaving Vox behind at the station to get blown apart in the very explosion that he initiated. The final cutscene of the game shows his robotic arm floating aimlessly in space.
Voiced by Michael Bell (English), Naomi Kusumi (Japanese)

Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile

Secret Agent Clank's nemesis, and villain of Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile. Maximillian wants to leave his digitized form by using the MCGuFIN to enter the real world. He is the one Ratchet and Clank have to defeat in order to use the MCGuFIN themselves and be able to save the galaxy once more. However, this game is generally regarded as non-canon.
Voiced by: James Arnold Taylor in the Secret Agent Clank video during Up Your Arsenal.

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Emperor Otto Destruct
The main villain of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. He told his subjects that he was enraged in how people paid no respect to technomites, the very creatures that made technology possible. However, his true intentions were purely based on power hunger. Originally, he had created defective technology which killed Qwark's parents. He also sent a fake e-mail to Qwark so Qwark thought that he was his real father. Otto's ultimate creation was a device which could transfer another creature's brain cells into him, but before Captain Qwark could use it as revenge, his pet monkey Skrunch interfered, resulting in Otto having a monkey mind, to which Clank humorosly states that Skrunch "just added another family member". His name is a play on "auto destruct."
Voiced by Jim Ward (English), Naoki Tatsuta (Japanese)Luna
The secondary villain of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. Initially introduced as a young, innocent girl doing a report on heroes who gets kidnapped early on by robots, Luna is in truth a robot herself, built by the Technomites as bait for Ratchet and Clank and to capture footage of their actions. Normally speaking with a childish lisp as part of her disguise, she is capable of speaking in a normal adult female voice and then in a Technomite voice. She is later defeated by Ratchet and Clank on Dayni Moon while using a farming vehicle to attempt to destroy them.
Voiced by Nicole Sullivan (English), Satomi Kōrogi (Japanese)

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Emperor Percival Tachyon
The main villain of Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and is the last Cragmite bent on killing every Lombax, and as Ratchet is the last Lombax in the universe, he is Tachyon's main target. It is revealed that the Lombaxes found his egg frozen and raised him as they pitied him. However, when he learned that the Lombaxes removed the other Cragmites from the universe, he built an army large enough to defeat the Lombaxes. According to Aphellion, Tachyon did not know the extent of the Cragmites' evil.
Voiced by Andy Morris (English), Hiroshi Iwasaki (Japanese)Captain Slag
The secondary antagonist of Tools of Destruction who leads the Space Pirates of the Polaris Galaxy. He tends to enter scenes singing "pirate tunes" with Rusty Pete, his loyal first mate. His pirates, including himself pursues Ratchet and Clank while they're traveling to other planets which leads to dogfights. He is also after the "Lombax Secret" and is an enemy of Emperor Tachyon. Slag would battle Ratchet face to face only to be defeated and killed by him. Captain Slag also appears as the main villian in Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty even though he was destroyed in TOD. Rusty Pete carries around his head on a stick, and they actually help you on one of your early missions, but after the mission you find out it was all a trap and Captain Slag is resurrected to destroy Ratchet.
Voiced by Katsuhisa Hōki (Japanese)

Other characters

The Galactic President
The president of the Solana Galaxy, and Captain Sasha's father. He talks in a voice similar to former president Bill Clinton. Like Doctor Nefarious, the President believes Clank is really Secret Agent Clank, and believes Ratchet to be a mere chauffeur, as in the TV show.
Voiced by Lindsay Schnebly (English)The Galactic Rangers
In Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, The Galactic Rangers are robots who fight alongside Ratchet in the battlefield missions throughout the game. They are often cowardly, preferring to let Ratchet take care of the enemies himself. In some missions (Mission 3 both at the Metropolis Battle and on Planet Aridia), they can heard joking about previous missions over the radio. Also from the start of the game, the Rangers have mistaken Ratchet as their new sergeant and refer to him as "Sarge". During the battle with Doctor Nefarious, the Galactic Rangers appear and destroy some of the enemies in a few shots.
Voiced by Michael Bell and Chris Hatfield (English)The Plumber
The Plumber is somewhat of a staple in the Ratchet & Clank series. He always appears with his rear end sticking out whatever he is working on ("Look, plumber's crack", "Hey, I know those pants", and "Whoa, déjà vu!", and "AAAGH!"). Insomniac Games brought back the 'mining' system from Going Commando into Up Your Arsenal, because the Plumber sets you a task in which if you find any Sewer Crystals in the Aquatos Sewers and bring them to him (they are fresh from the bowels of the King Ameboids), he will "pay you for 'em in bolts", since he's making something special for the missus. Also, in Going Commando, he mentioned something along the lines of, "See you sometime next year..." He doesn't appear in Ratchet: Deadlocked because, as the message at the end of the credits says, he was not able to appear in that game due to a "sump pump emergency in the Rygylian Nebula" he was assigned to. The Plumber appears, but does not speak, in part of a dream-state world within Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. He returns in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. He now wears glasses, which explains the line, "Barely recognized ya in high def" (a reference to the improved high definition graphics of the game). He also appears in Secret Agent Clank to fix the showers at the prison in which Ratchet is incarcerated, returning them to their typical freezing cold temperature.
Voiced by Neil Flynn (English)Merc
One of Ratchet's DreadZone combat robots, he is much more gung-ho and combat oriented compared to his partner, Green. He provides tips in multiplayer. He is completely trigger-happy, and looks for any excuse to blow something up. He is also heard to remark that he is afraid of heights. Later, he runs for leader of the Ratchet Fan Club along with Green, after working in Galaxy Burger.
Voiced by Phil Morris (English)Green
The other of Ratchet's DreadZone combat robots. He is a rookie fresh out of Boot Camp (where he says he got his legs blown off in a surprise attack). After that he mentioned he had a relationship with another robot while in the "hospital". and is rather naive and cowardly. Frequently on the final levels he'll say that, if he doesn't make it out alive, he would like to say that it was an honor working with you. He was once a member of the Qwark Cadets, and is owed one badge for (naturally) marksmanship. Green was not created, but was actually result of a relationship- Merc describes him occasionally as "Just like your Momma". He later runs for the leader of the Ratchet Fan Club, along with Merc, after working in Galaxy Burger
Voiced by Travis Davis (English)Kid Nova
One of the other contestants kidnapped by Gleeman Vox for DreadZone. He is seen on a message to Ratchet at the end of the game. He is one of the four known gladiators who escaped the explosion of the Dread Station. Only he and his three friends, Ratchet, Hydro Girl and Agent Zero escaped. It is implied that a few other heroes escaped.
Voiced by Travis Davis (English)Hydro Girl
A Hero kidnapped from Aquatos by Gleeman Vox for DreadZone. She has a blue appearance and seems to have a hyper attitude. She is one of the four known gladiators who escaped the explosion of the Dread Station.
Voiced by: Nika FuttermanAgent Zero
A Hero kidnapped by Gleeman Vox for Dreadzone. He is never seen, but is mentioned on the Dreadzone "Rank-o-meter". He is one of the four known gladiators to escape the explosion of the Dread Station. A voice is not credited because he dosen't talk(since he dosen't appear).Gammatron
A Hero kidnapped by Gleeman Vox for Dreadzone. He is never seen, but is mentioned by Eugene. It is unknown if he escaped the Dread Station explosion or was killed by one of the Exterminators. It was implied that he escaped. It is also implied that he was killed by Ace hardlight.Battle-Hawk
A Hero kidnapped by Gleeman Vox for Dreadzone. She was never seen, but mentioned by Lucy. It is unknown if she escaped the Dread Station explosion or was killed by one of the Exterminators. It is also implied that she escaped. Another imply is that she was killed by Shellshock.DreadZone Test Bots
The Test Bots are the robots Gleeman Vox uses to test and demonstrate many of the things in DreadZone. It is said that once they were freed they owned a hardware store and were one of the "People Who Have More Money Than You" '''.
Voiced by: David Kaye (and others, unknown)Slim Cognito
Slim is a black market arms dealer that made his debut in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. In all of his appearances, he is always hiding behind a booth (presumably due to his reputation as a black market salesman), leaving only his eyes visible. In Going Commando, he traded weapon mods (Acid Mods, Shock Mods, & Lock-On Mods) for Platinum Bolts, and ship mods for Raritanium. Apparently in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, he had a run in with the cops about a Suck Cannon upgrade that was mistakenly sold to a minor. He claims that "the kid LOOKED eighteen". From then on, he is found in Planet Aquatos, selling Megacorp weapons from Going Commando (free for those who had a memory card from Going Commando with those weapons purchased). He is also present in several booths in different planets in Size Matters selling weapon mods. He also owns a space station which offers ship upgrades (the Ship Shack). His name is a pun on "incognito".
He also makes an appearance in Size Matters where his vendor can be seen in Kalidon, Challax & Quodrona. He is also mentioned in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction as an inmate of Zordoom Prison, presumably for selling fake Lombax Flight Components, as mentioned earlier in the game.
Slim Cognito makes another reappearence Secret Agent Clank where he gives Ratchet a code so that Clank can enter a high stakes room in Les Paradis des Trechuirs Casino. Slim was in prison for selling black market merchendise. The other inmates "wanted to see him expire for selling them shoddy merchendise".
Voiced by: James Horan.Shady Salesman Billy
Like Slim Cognito, he is a black market dealer who is first seen in Ratchet & Clank selling the R.Y.N.O. to Ratchet. He looks like a lizard man. He is also seen in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando selling them a Levitator, an attachment for Clank. He also has a similar physique to the Smuggler in Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction. He also looks as if he is of the same species as Skidd Mcmarxx.Dallas and Juanita
Announcers for DreadZone and reporters for Vox News. Dallas speaks in a sports announcer-like voice while Juanita speaks with a Hispanic lilt. Throughout the game they announce Ratchet's stint at DreadZone, while making him out as a villain on Vox News, nicknaming him "The Butcher of Bogon", normally using highly unflattering (and at times fraudulent) pictures and descriptions. Although Dallas will often complement Ratchet's performance, Juanita, the more sadistic and maniacal of the duo, insults him frequently and often hopes that Ratchet dies inevitably. Dallas constantly flirts with Juanita, (one time checking her out from behind while they weren't on the air) to which she replies with insults and disgust. Dallas occasionally remarks that "sometimes he thinks he should have taken a job on Annihilation Nation", in reference to a similar combat show from Up your Arsenal. On the character epilogue it says that they have their own T.V show together. Their first episode was a fake wedding as a way of attracting viewers but Dallas swapped in a real Justice of the peace. They now both spend time together in blissful marriage life (with Juanita constantly trying to kill Dallas).
Voiced by: Daran Norris (Dallas) and Nika Futterman (Juanita)Venus
Venus is Clank's robot Girlfriend in Ratchet: Deadlocked, and is the robot Clank mentions could "Give them the Blueprints for the Deadlock Collars". She is seen at the end of the game sitting with Clank in the Hovership that rescues Ratchet. Venus is also a buyable Skin, the most expensive in the game at 75 Glamour Stars (besides Ninja Ratchet, which involves purchasing all weapons etc.). It describes her as being quite a formidable warrior, but she was used as a Tech Droid rather than a contestant. Although she speaks, a voice is not credited.
Vernon, Eugene and Lucy
Vernon and the Spokesman Kids are three children (Two boys, one girl) that are used as spokesmen for DreadZone and the Gleeman Vox industry. They are brothers and sister. Eugene idolizes Gammatron and Clank, Vernon idolizes Reactor and the Eviscerator, and Lucy idolizes Battlehawk and Courtney Gears although later they all idolize Ratchet. They are seen in cut scenes for Ratchet: Deadlocked and are constantly cheering for Ratchet, while Gleeman Vox wants them to promote Ace Hardlight, the highest ranked gladiator in history. At the end of the game, it shows the three kids inside the last shuttle pod from the exploding DreadZone Station, after Ratchet was rescued by Clank. After being picked on by Dallas, they get back at him. Lucy pokes him in the eye, giving Eugene enough time to grab Dallas' antennae and pull him down and Vernon jumps on him and they all laugh. In the cut scenes Vernon's name is not said, but in the unlockable skins menu his character is revealed as Vernon. Eugene is unlockable by completing Ratchet and Clank Going Mobile. Lucy's name is never mentioned.
Voiced by: Mona Marshall (Eugene, Lucy) and Nika Futterman (Vernon)
Billy is the boy that Megacorp used in their Protopet commercial. He is afraid of the Protopet and is seen in Darla Gratch's news report running away from the Protopets in Damosel City.Slugga
Gleeman Vox's pet. It resembles a rabbit-like slug. It is rescued at the last moment by Ratchet for unknown reasons(probably because he thought it was cute) when a hovership comes to save him, leaving Vox to die alone. He also appears on a DreadZone trading card (only available after the first run-through).
Voiced by: Leslie Carrara-Rudolph.Darla Gratch
Reporter for the intergalactic 'Channel 64 News' (or Channel 2 in Ratchet & Clank). Whether it be Ameboids, Protopets, or Tyrrhanoids, she is always there to happily cover whatever disaster threatens the galaxy. As she signs off, she is always seen as about to be attacked, and how she survives is a mystery. Since she is a robot, it is highly probable that she does not, in fact, survive but instead her memory matrix is downloaded into a new Darla Gratch. According to an unlockable comic cover in the original Ratchet and Clank, she married an Ameboid that ate her. It is unknown however if this is Canon or not. She does however have a confirmed appearance in 'Secret Agent Clank' as a part of a news spiel.
Voiced by: Sylvia Aimerito.Lance and Janice
The couple that play in the soap opera in Dr. Nefarious' head whenever he gets angry. They are seen in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, on a TV show Captain Qwark watches, and appear to be a human man, and a green, tentacled alien (respectively). It turns out that after two years of knowing about them, Janice reveals (in Ratchet: Deadlocked) that she used to be a male.
Voiced by: Chris Hatfield (Lance), Melissa Disney (Janice, UYA), and Nika Futterman (Janice, Deadlocked)Abercrombie Fizzwidget
CEO of Megacorp in the Bogon Galaxy. Captain Qwark kidnapped Fizzwidget and posed as him to enact his evil plan in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, although it is unknown as to when in the game this happened. At the end of the game, Fizzwidget is found and restored to power. Fizzwidget (or Quark as Fizzwidget, rather) is absent-minded, and frequently uses incorrect or made-up words. Slim Cognito mentions him in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal if the player has a save from Going Commando, saying "Mr. Fizzwidget sends you his regards. This one's on him".
Voiced by Jim Ward (English), Yū Shimaka (Japanese)Fred
An accountant working for Gadgetron who appears in two Ratchet and Clank games in a commercial for Annihilation Nation. He gets blown up as soon as he enters the Deathcourse. He is seen in the cinema at the end of the game. In the first game, he is seen using the robot morpher gadget and on the space station near the beginning of the game.Captain Starshield
Former number one ranked contestant of the underground combat show DreadZone; killed by Ace Hardlight. His only appearances is when he destroies three robots and when he is killed.
Voiced by: Phil Morris.Ace Hardlight
A former hero who sold himself to Gleeman Vox for money and fame, although not as popular as they previously thought he would be. Ace started his life as an orphan and was adopted as by a group of superheroes. When that group destroyed his home planet, he left the group. He was originally adopted because that group had previously destroyed a planet. Vernon and the Spokesman kids clearly prefer Ratchet over Ace, with Vernon even referring to Ace as a "Tool". After disintegrating Captain Starshield on Catacrom 4, he became DreadZone Champion and leader of the Exterminator Crew, with Shellshock, Reactor and the Eviscerator. He has a crush on Juanita and vice versa. She is one of only 4 "fans" he has, the others including Gleeman Vox, Dallas, and Ace himself. Upon defeat, he is reminded of his past as a hero by Ratchet, whom he responds by telling him not to end up with the same fate as him. He is mentioned in Tools of Destruction as an inmate of Zordoom Prison, indicating he survived in Deadlocked. Ace is the only Exterminator that remotely resembles a Human.
Voiced by André Sogliuzzo (English), Naoya Uchida (Japanese)Shellshock
A robot that specializes in ammunition and destruction. Shellshock was originally a living being as noted in the strategy guide for the game. When he was a living being, he was a greeter for a store. Then a number of incidents slowly had him alter his body into that of a robot. He uses the insults "Girly-men" and "Sissies" on almost everybody. He is based on Arnold Schwarzenegger, speaking with a similar accent. His AI chip was destroyed by a cruise missile in a battle long ago (the Obani Moon War) and it was replaced with the AI chip of a coffee maker, making him impervious to pain and incredibly thick-headed, but he now "makes a fantastic cappuccino." He is the first Exterminator you face. He is the slowest and stupidest, as noted by Ace Hardlight("Shellshock was too slow and too stupid to be an Exterminator."). He quoted for the Harbinger (the equivalent of the R.Y.N.O. for the game) in which he said that, compared to this weapon, the other weapons are "for sissies from the sissiest place in Sissyland." On an upgrade for Merc and Green, it is said that not even he would go near it.
Voiced by Jim Ward (English), Tora Take (Japanese)Reactor
A robot with a nuclear reactor built into his body (hence his name), he once was a high school math teacher. He's best friends with Shellshock (Dallas once mentioned that Reactor and Shellshock thought up the Air Drop challenge of the Vindicator Tournament), and once dated Courtney Gears. She ditched him as a teacher, then immediately ran back to him once he became rich. His brain and life seems to revolve around impressing people, either making good poses for his Exterminator trading card, or telling Ratchet to make the match a good one for his fans. Upon seeing Ratchet, he said, "Huh, looks like a squirrel wrapped in tinfoil." He is the tallest Exterminator.
Voiced by: Phil Morris.The Eviscerator
An enormous insect-like alien with sharp, titanium blades on his arms. Juanita also exclaims that he is a fantastic chef. The Eviscerator is the only Exterminator who doesn't speak at all (although he seems to try speaking). In the Guidebook, it is said that a system of Speech has been developed for him, to say yes, he disembowels a robot, for no, he makes a robot eat its own left arm.
Voiced by: André Sogliuzzo.Gary and Helen
These two gladiators are bosses fought simultaneously in a few challenges in Annihilation Nation in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. Gary carries a rapid-fire blaster, and has armor that can simultaneously lob mortars at Ratchet. Helen has a V-5 Plasma whip, and can jump a few times and cause a shockwave of blue electricity. Whenever the fight with Gary begins, he yells out "Feel the pain, Lombax!". Whenever the fight with Helen begins, she blows a kiss and says "Thank you! Thank you! I know I'm beautiful!"
Voiced by Aki Sasamori (Japanese, Helen)Scorpio
A gladiator on Annihilation Nation that appears a few times, and serves a similar purpose as Gary and Helen. He is fought the first time when Ratchet must meet with Courtney Gears again. He has a circular saw launcher tail and 2 flamethrower hands. He bears a small resemblance to the B2 Brawler in Going Commando, due to his exposed brain.Chainblade
A rather large lizard-man, he was the first gladiator Ratchet and Clank faced in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando. He wields to "chain blades" that can extend and retract at will.B2 Brawler
A Giant robot with an exposed brain, twin heavy lasers, and 4 tentacle legs, he was the second gladiator Ratchet and Clank faced in Going Commando. He was claimed undefeated in the ring before Ratchet and Clank challenged him. Sam (Deaf Man)
An old scrap dealer living in Gorda City, he is completely deaf after becoming the victim of an enormously loud bombing while the Blarg attacked the city. He appeared to be one of the few people who survived the attack on Gorda City. He sold Ratchet an Infobot, but seemed to believe that Ratchet was displeased by the "great deal" he had been made. His name doesn't appear until it was found in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando's Instruction Manual in a fake ad.Talwyn Apogee
A girl that Ratchet meets in "Future:Tools of Destruction" that aids him for the search of the Lombax secrete. She is the daughter of the missing explorer Max Apogee who once studied rare artifacts in the Polaris galaxy. She lives in her father's space station with the two old war bots Cronk and Zephyr. Talwyn is very snarky and brash and does not hesitate to threaten strangers as seen when Ratchet and Talwyn first met.
Voiced by Tara Strong


Green slimy creatures that inhabit sewers in at least four planets. They appear attacking Blackwater City in the first game, in the sewers of planet Pokitaru (probably created from the toxic waste that the blargs were dumping into the ocean), in a secret area on planet Novalis, and in the sewers of Aquatos. In the third game it is revealed that Dr. Nefarious is actually the one who created the Amoeboids and planned to use them to destroy Blackwater City because its inhabitants called him insane.Blarg
These are the main enemies in the first game. Their home planet was once Orxon, but the constant pollution forced them off. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and have created advanced warfare-technology. They have also built large space station for research purposes. They are an orange-pink in colour. Their leader is the tyrant Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek. Cazares
So far only 2 have appeared in the series - Sasha and the Galactic President. They are humanoids with brown fur and a look slightly similar to that of a fox. Apparently the males are twice as big than the females and Sasha is the same size of Ratchet. There was confusion that Sasha was a lombax like Ratchet, but Insomniac cleared it up.Cragmites
A race that lost a war to the Lombaxes, of which Emperor Percival Tachyon is the last. They terrorized the Polaris Galaxy, but the Lombaxes fought back and eventually rid the universe of them.Drophyds
A race of fish-like aliens originating from Planet Zaurik. According to Aphellion, Tachyon bought out their loyalty with raritanium. Their armor is based on Lombax engineering and built from materials scavenged by the Space Pirates.Lombaxes
This fictional species is a combination of fox and cat. They have many of the characteristics of a feline creature. Their home planet is Fastoon in the Polaris Galaxy. The Lombaxes are hailed in the Polaris Galaxy as the saviours of the universe for defeating the Cragmites; however, when Tachyon's Drophyd army attacked Fastoon, then the Lombaxes teleported out of the universe, leaving Ratchet as the last Lombax in the universe. There has been confusion as to whether Angela Cross was a Lombax, given she had the same type of ears and markings as Ratchet, only she was taller (in fact she looked much more like a Lombax than Sasha). It seems that as of the events of Tools Of Destruction, it is confirmed that she was not a Lombax.Makadian
Talwyn Apogee is so far the only known Makadian in the series. Her species is certified in Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty when Ratchet makes a promise to Talwyn that they will make it out of the Morrow Caverns together and Rusty Pete mocks Ratchet by singing "Lombax and Makadian sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-s-i-n." Protopets
The Protopet was an experiment created by MegaCorp to manufacture the perfect pet. There was a fault in the duplication process, however, and all of the Protopets turned out to be carnivorous and savage beasts which had evil characteristics. Angela Cross, then working for Megacorp, tried to fix their flaws, but before she could succeed, Captain Qwark, disguised as Mr. Fizzwidget, pushed up their release date. Angela, disguised as a masked thief and intending to stop those monsters from being sold to the public, stole the original protopet so that it could not be cloned into more protopets. Ratchet and Clank were hired by MegaCorp to retrieve the experiment. Later, Angela explains the Protopet's nature. This is shown in a Megacorp commercial were a child, Billy, is meant to play with one, but instead acts scared upon seeing it and gets attacked by it. Ratchet, Clank, and Angela break into Megacorp HQ and attempt to destroy the original Protopet. Qwark spoils their plans by zapping it with Angela's Helix-O-Morph (with the battery in backwards), turning it into a giant mutant. The mutant protopet is defeated by Ratchet and it and all of the others are made harmless with the Helix-O-Morph. Billy and his now harmless Protopet are seen at the end of Up Your Arsenal in the cinema audience.Space Pirates
A group of spacefaring robots that terrorize the Polaris Galaxy and serve under Captain Slag and Rusty Pete. According to the IRIS, they were engineered by Emperor Tachyon in order to gather materials for the Drophyds' nanotech armor, but abandoned them when they completed their task.Snagglebeasts
The Blargian Snagglebest is a colossal being with the appearance of an ogre. Even though the Snagglebeast was an arch-enemy of Captain Qwark, the game reveals that it was actually his evil pet against Ratchet and Clank. It might have been controlled by the helmet he is wearing. It has many barbaric characteristics.Tyhrranoids
A gullible race of alien warriors who were tricked by Dr. Nefarious to work for him in the third game to destroy all organic life. The Tyhrranoids, seemingly devoid of a sense of irony, don't realize that they themselves are biological, and carry out his orders. The Tyhrranoids' home planet is planet Tyhrranosis where the "Momma Tyhrranoid" lives. The Momma Tyhrranoid was defeated and killed by Ratchet and Clank, but Qwark took all the credit for it. The entire Tyhrranoid population was transformed into robots when Dr. Nefarious used his Biobliterator. Tyhrranoids are playable in both modes of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. The number of eyes signify their strength and rank in the army: One-Eyed Tyhrranoids do not carry any weapons and merely bite the enemy (Ratchet can turn into one of these with the Tyhrra-Guise), two-eyed tyhrranoids look like one-eyed tyhrranoids (but still have two eyes) and carry a small pistol, they only appear on foot in the Veldin level, after that, they operate mechs, three-eyed tyhrranoids (most common in the game) carry a small energy blaster (the only thing bad about this weapon is that it when shot, the direction it was shot in cannot the changed until they must reload the weapon again), whereas Four-Eyed Tyhrranoids use advanced laser pistols and are much stronger, larger, and have armor that must be removed to damage (you must keep hitting them to remove the armor).Technomites
Tiny intelligent creatures who are responsible for the existence of technology. Because they are nearly microscopic, very few people have seen them and they are considered nothing more than a myth. Led by Emperor Otto Destruct, the technomites attempted to create an army of Ratchet clones using his DNA. They were also responsible for creating Luna, hacking into Clank, and tricking Qwark into thinking he's Otto's son. According to Clank, Captain Qwark's real parents were killed by defective Technomite technology. Whether this was intentional or not remains undisclosed.Zoni
A mysterious race of ethereal aliens that travel through time and space. They occasionally appear, usually only visible to Clank or when he is alone, to aid Ratchet and Clank on their quest. In the final cutscene of Future: Tools of Destruction, they kidnap Clank leaving the game on a cliffhanger.


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