suspensory ligament of breast

Suspensory ligament of the ovary

The suspensory ligament of the ovary, also infundibulopelvic ligament (commonly abbreviated IP ligament or simply IP), is a fold of peritoneum that extends out from the ovary to the wall of the pelvis.

Some sources consider it a part of the broad ligament of uterus while other sources just consider it a "termination" of the ligament.

The suspensory ligament is directed upward over the iliac vessels.


It contains the ovarian artery, ovarian vein, ovarian plexus, and lymphatic vessels.


The suspensory ligament of the ovary is one continuous tissue that connects the ovary to the wall of the pelvis. There are separate names for the two regions of this tissue.

  • In the anterior region, the suspensory ligament is attached to the wall of the pelvis via a continuous tissue called peritoneum.
  • In the more posterior region, the suspensory ligament is attached to the ovary via a continuous tissue call the broad ligament.

In sum, the suspensory ligament consists of a single connective tissue from that has different regional notations, the peritoneum and the broad ligament.

Peritoneal relationship

One must understand that most of the abdominal cavity is lined by a double-membranous sac called peritoneum . The interior is called the peritoneal cavity, this is the location of all 'intra-peritoneal' organs (disambiguation: retro-peritoneal organs ). The most inferior extent of the peritoneum covers the pelvic inlet; in females, this region of the peritoneum is referred to as the 'broad ligament'.


The suspensory ligament originates from the mesonephros, which, in turn, originates from the Wolffian duct.

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